• Tequila, dancing on bars, piercings, waking up in jail....whew, what a night!
  • I was thirteen, and it was New Years. I mistook someone's champagne for my sparkling juice. I drank the entire huge glass. Later that night, we went to the beach to see fireworks. I was running around with my iPod singing "Vertigo" by U2. It was rediculous. Then I bumped into a police officer. He then asked, "You know drugs are illegal, right?!" It was crazyy.
  • I was 21, and a novice drinker. Went to england. In the city of Salisbury, we wandered into a pub. I remember a guy sitting with his dog on the seat nest to him. the waiter asked us what we wanted. I didn't know, so the waiter asked if I wanted a cider...well, I knew about Mountain Dew and thought that would be good. Waiter brought me a big brandy ballon of cider...alcoholic was nice and I downed it quickly...then began to wonder why the man now had two collie friends said I was the funniest drunk they ever had to drag home. and my father laughed and laughed when I told him....
  • me and my friend were cleaning her room and we found all her alchol and decided to mix and drink it. then she walked me home and i fell down in the middle of the road and banged into the wall and finally puked all over myself and my bed,and my mother would not help me clean up.I was so sick. thank god i did not work the next day.
  • Ok, Right after I graduated from HS, myself and 3 friends of mine decided to play quarters. About halfway through the game as I was talking to my best friend, he hiccuped and out shot a stream of what appeared to be half eaten and whole peaches of which one was resting on my shoulder. What looked like lightening speed, without saying a word, he got up, swiped the peach remnants off the table and made a driveby and scooped the peach off my shoulder. We then resumed like nothing happened. I also remember having about 14 shots and after passing out, waking up STILL DRUNK!!!!! To this day I instantly get sick from the smell of any kind of whiskey and won't drink it to this day.
  • I was in a club with some of my military buddies one night, and I wasn't dancing, just drinking. When I stood up to go home, it suddenly hit my body just how very drunk I was. I felt extremely nauseus and went into the ladies room to vomit. I don't really know how long I was in there, but I heard a girl say, "Oh, my God! You guys, there's someone passed out in here!" I thought to myself, "Wow, someone's passed out in here?" It took me a few seconds to realize they were talking about me. Ever since then I have been very careful not to get too wasted when in public.
  • I had 13 shots of 45% vodka(im 16) I fell into a fire pit and got 3rd degree burns on my hand, I passed out in a parking lot, and just by absolute pure dumb luck, my friends happened to spot me lying there.
  • 1 - 26 oz bottle of Lambs Rum, no mix, my best friends mothers bed, a huge amount of VOMIT. Not invited back ever again. Glad I grew up. Sigh!
  • Haha. There is quite a few but me and my friend once shared a shower - fully clothed! I think that was after a few too many shots.
  • It was my first party and my first time drinking any alcohol. My mom gave me a really hard time about even going and I knew she would pick me up early so I decided to just go for it and have fun. I started drinking and then hung out in the bathroom while a bunch of people were smoking out. They were blowing it all in my face and I couldn't stop laughing. By this time, paranoia set in as I realized my mom would be coming soon. I sat in a chair to try to sober up, a WET CHAIR. I spent the next hour running around asking people to smell my a*s so I would know if my mom would smell the beer on me. Oh, to be young and stupid again.
  • 15 devils sunsets when i can barly handle 9. i dont remember anything after 11. my cuzin says that i gave my worst enemy a lap dance, and asked him to go up stairs with me, table danced to beat all hell, and then tryed to do a complex gymnastics rutien. and then road on the back of a harly. and somthing about the cops asking me how old i was and i said i didnt know
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and taking walks naked, looking for a good place to pee. Neighbors are never impressed.
  • I have so many terrible things to comfess: I get drunk almost every week end at parties . Everytime I think I'll be nice and drink only one or two beers but these two beers always turn out to be 10 shots of whatever's available at the party. So when I'm really wasted, I usually enters the freak out phase, followed by the hallucinatory phase where I get really wilde, sexual, mean, promiscuous, insane, weird...Oh God, I'm such a mess. So that day I tried to kiss my ex (even tho I honestly don't feel anything for him). I licked this unknown guy's face in front of all my friends (omg I'll never get over that one, what a shame) I threw the birthday cake in the whole room yelling that I didnt care since it wasn't my house (I was at a friend's) I kissed a person of the same sex (now everyone thinks I'm gay or at least bi) Another time, I peed myself, made out with random boys, embarrased myslef, comfessed sercrets.... After all this you might all think I'm just a drunken whore, but the worst part is that I don't remember all thses things, I know them because the people who were there are glad to rub it on my face the next day. And they won't ever forget and let me forget!
  • Driving by someone pulled over on the side of the road with his finger tips on his nose and a flashlight in his face while I am on my way home to a nice warm bed. Sober.
  • drinkin is bad GOD won't approof.
  • My worst one has to be the time me and a friend of mine went to some charity dinner at a restaurant of some kind. The place had performers and games. Me and my friend started with Bud Light then moved onto Jager shots. I got lit pretty fast. I later went outside and it hit me really hard. The last thing I remember was being face down in a trash can with an Austin Powers look a like sitting next to me smiling at my plight and my friend who was blasted as well getting me up saying we were being bounced because we were really drunk.
  • I would but I can't remember any.
  • I have never been drunk before.
  • I don't have any good fun drunk stories. I always get drunk at home with friends, so I never get into trouble. Who wants to come to my birthday party in December and change this so I can have a fun drunk story?
  • My first time drinking alcohol was on a sleepover at a friends Auntie's house. We were supposed to be looking after her dog and budgie while she was on holiday. I got unfeasibly drunk and passed out. The next morning we woke to find the dog and the budgie dead. I have no idea what happened to them, or of much of the evening.
  • I don't really drink much, have been drunk maybe 5 times in 53 years. I was in the Navy. ...............................A friend of mine wanted to get me drunk, 'cause no one had ever seen me drunk. He had a six pack of tall coors (yuk). Gave me one. I held onto it till he wasn't looking, than chugged it down. He stated that he thought I dumped it out, so he gave me another. This happened a few more times....................................................................... Than we went off base to McDonald's and had some grub.......................................Went to McGuire's Irish pub in Pensacola Fl. ............................. It was extremely crowded. The gang I was with, bought me an Irish Wake, told me it was a shot of whisky and 7 shots of 7UP. I sat there waiting till they were not looking and than gulped it down. I have to play with them also, you know. Well, things started getting dizzy. I went to the bathroom. Above the door was a sign that said gent's with a hand pointing to the left. I went in. There was a girl going pee. She looked at me and simply said, "wrong one".....................................................I went about my business and went back to the table...............................................I quietly stated that I went into the girls bathroom and there was a girl going pee. and finished with "I saw her puubby hairs and everything"......................................... The next morning they said I screamed it at the tops of my lungs................. and there was a lot of french fries on the bathroom floor.

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