• I would like to think I would take the moral high road and boycott...but I know better. I'd buy it and pay the tax. ;)
  • I would likely cut back on chocolate
  • what is a sin tax???? If chocolate was a sin, then I suppose im gonna sin...
  • I do not eat a whole lot of chocolate so it would not affect me. I would continue not to buy it.
  • Id just buy it somewhere else, in my case USA chocolates are crap anyways, so id improve my quality anyways.
  • I'd start a freaking revolution! How else am I supposed to make myself happy when my significant other and I get into an argument?! ;)
  • Once in a while I have to have chocolate. Yes, I would buy it anyway....When that is my only sin I hope it does not close the pearly gates for me........
  • (psst) (i know this guy who just got some great belgian, 78%. you want in?)
  • For as much as I hate taxes ... I'd probably pay when I had to and start bootlegging the stuff !! :)
  • I might be compelled to smuggle some over the border from Mexico. :) That is where Hershey is making some of their chocolate now.
  • Here in MI, we live very close to 2 American Indian Reservations and also about an hour away from Canada. I obey the law in every respect (I'm the one everybody hates on the 70MPH highway driving 69 1/2MPH), but in this case, one has to draw the line somewhere. I'm drawing my line in the Cadbury Chocolate.
  • It would depend upon the amount of the tax. I'd buy it from my country if I could afford it. I don't buy drugs from other countries even though they would be cheaper than in my country so I wouldn't be buying chocolate elsewhere either. Believe it or not I could live without chocolate. But corn tortillas and pepperjack cheese melted on top? I don't think so. I'd pay whatever! :)
  • I would still buy it. Just not as often. Just as a once in awhile treat. Or figure out how to make my own if I got really desperate. lol
  • I rarely buy chocolate, so it wouldn't change my buying habits.
  • Buy it Inflation (Prices on all items rise) happens all the time I would'nt be surpised if them had a tax for Chocolate or whatever else they will put a tax on.

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