• yes being vegetarian is the best choice that i ever made. you open your mind up to many more food groups and it is a lot better for you.
  • There are several things going on here. First of all, it sounds like you need to practice cooking a bit. Pork chops shouldn't be crunchy unless you've cooked them too long. You need to look up cooking times for pork chops based on thickness. The steaks may have been off, but it is also possible to be allergic to one kind of meat or another. You could be allergic to beef, and not to pork, and that would make the beef turn your stomach.
  • Vegetarianism / Veganism are difficult to maintain a sensible diet on. Too many people think its all about salads and veg they forget or don't know about the need for complex proteins *such as rice and beans together make a complex protein*. So before you go down that road you need to do some serious reading on the subject. If 'suddenly' you are having trouble with eating meat (other than philosophical reasons) you need to see a doctor. There could be an underlying ailment beginning to manifest itself. Cheaper meats are rather bland most times, tough and full of sinew. There are ways to prepare 'poor mans meats' stewing is one way, the use of mildly acidic tenderizers and seasons is another. Crunchy pork chops means you over cooked them. Beef can be 'fresh' or aged. I personally can not stand the taste of 'aged' beef. What is aging?: As someone else pointed out allergies to meat are possible. Another thing possible is that you stored the meat(s) in the fridge too long and they went partially bad. The pork dried out and the beef went past its limit. You should immediately freeze meats when you bring them home or you should use them immediately. We get meat in bulk - say 6 steaks on a flat. What I do is divide that into 3 packets and I season the meat (garlic, salt, pepper mostly) and place them in ziplock bags. I squeeze out as much air as possible and seal. I lay them flat on the floor of the freezer (we have a wire shelf) and let them freeze. Once frozen I wrap in white paper and then stack them neatly. This adds a layer of protection against freezer burn.
  • I'd say you need to stop buying your meat at Wal-Mart. My sister had to stop buying her meat there because it was always bad. Aside from that, have you thought about cooking school??? Just kidding!!
  • Don't give up on meat without weighing all the consequences. You really need a balanced diet and that includes meat. IF you decide to go Vegan, please check into alternatives ways to get all the nutrition you need.
  • At risk of coming across as insulting, meat isn't crunchy; crunchy meat is indicative of buying your meat at the Gas n' Go, or not cooking it right. Or both. You can try websites like to hone your culinary skills a bit.
  • You can slow cook or marinate inexpensive cuts of meats with seasoning and broth and it can be fantastic.

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