• You can scrub the green stuff off (it's algae). You can buy tablets at a pet store that prevent it, or get a snail - they love the stuff, and keep the tank pretty clean. Just watch out - snails make babies like they are going out of style and will take over the tank. If you don't have a water filter, you could try one of those as well, but they don't always stop algae buildup. If it returns after being cleaned, remove the water and scrub all the rocks/fish houses you have in there as well.
  • Get a few catfish. They live only to clean the environment that they live in. As a child we had 3 albino catfish in a 25 gallon aquarium...never saw algae(the green growth you speak of) develop therin! Hope this helps you! =)
  • That's algae. There are four approaches to getting rid of algae. Get some fish to eat it, poison the algae with chemicals, reduce the amount of light, or starve the algae by reducing the amount of nutrients in the water. Go to an aquarium-supply or pet store and describe the prob to them and ask what's the best plan for your situation.
  • Don't leave the light on to long, keep it out of window sunlight, and ever freshwater needs a little salt added to kill the green. Just make sure you have no other fresh water plants your trying to grow. If you do, then may be you can just get a clean wash cloth and scrub it out when you change the water.
  • i always had snails in my fish tanks and never had algae problems
  • The green stuff is algae, and it means that your tank is very clean. It is not harmful to fish in moderate quantities, but can deprive a tank of oxygen if it is left to grow uncontrolled. Once a month, replace the water in your tank and scrub the walls with a new sponge (chemical-free preferably). This will keep the algae in check and allow your fish to live a happy and healthy life.
  • Catfish are the best. Cheaper than chemicals and better for your fish. A very good is a "Plecostamus" as long as you can buy them where you are.
  • algae eater fish and/or snails
  • Green algae is good it means you tank is healthy. But if you don't like it. Avoid light shining on the tank and perhaps get a algae eater. plecosous or chinese algae eaters or snails. Or just clean the tank wall frequently.

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