• Well, there are world events happening that affect some people more than others. They are voicing their feelings. Actually, I would be more concerned if no one said anything about those events going on. Maybe they are fearful for their country. Americans, as I am one, and very patriotic, love their country and we wouldn't want to live any other place. Hip, hip hoorah for America!!!!
  • I don't believe open discussion about Americas flaws and mistakes, are bashing it. Only providing constructive criticism. Please note, bashing a politician for a political stance, is not bashing America.
  • Hi Noldea, thanks for a very thought-provoking question! For myself, having traveled through a war zone and in various parts of the world where our travels, activities and basic human rights (that we take for granted) were restricted, I would have to say Freedom is what I like best about the United States. In many places on earth, a forum such as Answerbag could not exist, and those attempting to participate and express their views could and would be killed. Here in the United States we have the freedom to protest, to express our opinions and beliefs and to do so under protection of the law, without fear of torture, imprisonment and execution. I choose Freedom.
  • ive lived here all my life? =] lol
  • american government not much good to speak of, american people not much better, the children are okay, so the kids are ok.
  • I like American nom nom ^_^
  • Is there? There isn't that I've noticed. A bit of healthy discussion and criticism is always good. And the majority of people here are Americans, so it kind of works out :) But! I do like an American accent.
  • Not noticed. Cannot say anything positive or negative as I have never been there.
  • You've made a lot of scientific research.. ..just a shame you abuse a lot of it to kill other people with. You have a powerful economy which influences the whole world.. ..just a shame you've become too greedy. You produce much of everything, and many countries rely on importing from you.. ..just a shame that the production is killing the planet, and few seems to care.
  • emmmmmm.... some great musicians came from there
  • I have seen many people from every country travel across the sea to come here to live. I have seen the good and the bad ways these people were treated depending on who they met. Yet they remain here. The United States is made up of every walks of life. Those we are in conflict with and those we have made peace with. I find it kind of funny how people will toss hate remarks at the people here in America when the largest amount are not even from around here. We are the great mixing pot from every country on this planet so who are you really mad at?
  • We are the face of freedom.
  • the world's oldest and longest lasting democratic regime.
  • I love the USA, wouldn't want to live any where else. I just don't like NY State. One reason I love it is because we can say what we think if we don't like whats going on. We can express ourselves and demonstrate peacefully without getting shot or run over by a tank.
  • I will say this.The flag is very unique.(I am an American)*+++++*
  • I think America leads the world in artistic and technical innovation.
  • Thank you America (Americans) for being you. My family started in Conn and have spread around the world.Thanks for making a home for some of them in the USA !
  • I tend to ignore the bashing, it seems to have become fashionable to self flagellate. That is a sad situation I love the usual open heartedness of Americans and a country that has so much diversity both of its people and its flora and fauna We all disagree with Political decisions on occasions but that is no reason to hate a country or its people.
  • I did not notice yet that some are bashing America. All n ations treat the USA extremely respectful and I think there is no reason why they should bash America. Everywhere in the whole world America is the strongest and the most powerful country. That they have some trouble with some Arabs is a quite other thing. But I do not know anybody else who would bash America for anything they do. And about the inner problems of the USA I know too little.
  • when people start bashing the US just tell them "hey! it cant be all that bad, ThELicH lives there" then they will be all like "omg he's so sexy" and then you might get laid.... you're welcome....
  • I was in America 12 years ago when I worked at a Holiday camp. It is a beautiful country and I met and stayed with some of the friendliest people. I love that each state is different and like a country on its own.
  • For a non-American to bash an American is to bash ones own country and to bash to speak...for all Americans, or their ancestors, are from somewhere else, the bashers' countries included. Personally, for the most part, I think the U.S. got the best of what each country had to offer. And as an American, I say "Thank you!" +5
  • Metallica.
  • I think that most Americans are decent, hard working, generous people with a fantastic sense of humour.

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