• So fake. The audience acts up like if they're on crack when they get the right chosen briefcase. They go hysterical and nuts jumping all around. The game is fake with a bunch of lunatics.
  • I hope not. I like that show. If it is fake, they are doing a hell of a job making it look real.
  • There are 3 episodes filmed in any one day and they know exactly what date they will be aired. There is really 22 boxes and they really are filled with the various amounts at random by an independant adjudicator. They know which contestant will be chosen in advance, but the contestants and audience don't know until the time. The offers are worked out by the person's reaction and the way the board goes, as it is all about creating tension and getting emotions running high. Each episode is edited to fit in the time slot, but on the whole it is not fake.
  • If we are speaking about the one in the UK. I don't think it is fake. Noel Edmonds is interested in the same stuff I am namely The Law Of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering - He believes you get what you are thinking about the most, and what goes around comes around. That's why he is such a nice guy. I don’t believe he would work for a fake show.
  • I don't know for sure, but I think you should know that three times in a row, the case with 1 million was in case 17. Three times in a row is a mighty big coincidence.
  • If you notice some times they zoom in on 2 case before the person calls what case they want, this last for 1-2 seconds. The case they choose is one of the 2 cases. $?$?$?$
  • ''O hell yeah'' (as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the wrestler from WWE Monday Night Raw on the USA network says!)
  • No, it's a great game show. My kids love it.
  • Yes, the contestants and "family" are clearly amateur actors.
  • The statements below confirm that I'm not the only one that believes Deal or No Deal is a huge Hoax!! :0) The contestants are totally actors, I saw the really flamboyant gay guy in the pink shirt on America's Next Top Model as an acting coach. DoND is completely fake. Posted by: JKong on May 29, 07 | 12:59 am Read the thing at the end of the show!! it's completely rigged! Just read and you'll know what i'm talking about!!!!!!! Posted by: Katherine Lolo on Dec 15, 07 | 10:02 pm I seriously doubt the show is real. The contestants are such idiots. The banker gives them unebelievable deals and they always turn them down. In reality, no one would turn it down. I've seen horrible odds and then they are offered 200,000 and turn it down. That is simply not reality. If I walked around offering 200,000 or a 1/10 chance at a million dollars, not a sane person would turn down the 200,000. It's fake, period. Posted by: josh on Jan 03, 08 | 8:07 pm Tonight a lady had 9 cases left with 4 of them being $1,000,000 cases. In her next 5 picks, all 4 were gone. This happens every time. Nobody ever knocks out all the low cases. They always knock out the high ones. If you watch this show and have any comprehension of mathematical odds, you would understand what I am saying. It is certainly not mathematically impossible for this to happen on several shows but IT IS NEARLY MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN EVERY TIME! What happens on this show night after night has to be a million to one chance of happening. Maybe more. Posted by: hippo on Jan 14, 08 | 9:19 pm I think it is rigged as well..well kinda... All the talk seems scripted and how the audience chants on cue seem rehearsed. I think the Banker knows what's in each case beforehand...if he does that sucks, but if he doesn't then it is fair...It is an exciting game, but I could do without the scripted talk and banter.. Posted by: hollywood nightclubs on Jan 27, 08 | 3:29 pm
  • It's cheesy, but not fake. I was an audience member on the show thar aired last Wednesday. I applied online for tickets and i got them. They do edit some things out, and sometimes Howie will tell them to say something during a commercial break, but the contestant does pick the cases and really takes home what they win.
  • I feel that it is 100% real. If it were rigged, someone would have told a friend who told another friend until we all begin to doubt the authenticity here. The emotion that the players feel when they get their families huddled around them to make random brief case selections can be a very moving moments at times which builds the drama and sensationalism that a relatively mindless game show of mere chance. Why is it mindless? Well the only question is, what number will you choose next. I can see how a show like this would test someone's nerves and push it to the limit. That's fun to watch.
  • I believe it is a fixed show. Watch when girls open cases. I believe each case has 2 amounts in them and depending how case is opened depends on the amount given. Just my opinion. Anyone agree

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