• You have to start with a lawyer. If you can't afford one, call your state Bar Association and ask for a referral to a lawyer who helps people who can't afford help.
  • every city has a child support enforcement unit. Also if you go on welfare: food stamps, medicaid, cash assistance they will ask the father's name and they WILL get the money because he has to reimburse them what they spend. Also consider getting WIC..which is free food till the child is 5..that will save you a TON of money on formula and as the child gets older you get milk, cheese, etc. Take advantage of everything you can get.
  • Many states will go after it for you. I would call your state attoney office, they should either be able to help or direct you to the prpper agency. +5
  • Call judge judy! Seriously get the deadbeat.
  • I he has moved out of the state, it may take a while. the child support case has to be transferred to the state he lives in for enforcement. also, if paternity has not been established, it could take even longer if he request a DNA test. if he lives in another state, they can only enforce the order, so if he is not working, basically they will just toss him in jail for a undetermined time. Also, the state you live in will charge you a fee for collection of the child support. so if you get 400.00 a month, they will charge you 25.00 for processing the child support, and if you collect food stamps or any other services, the remaining money will be kept to offset the cost. Read up on TANF (temporary aid to needy families) and also the welfare reform act of 1996.

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