• Fathers name and date of birth Mothers maiden name and date of birth Social security number Date of birth Drivers license number If you have a warrant for your arrest,chances are when you RETURN to the may be arrested.
  • #1 you will need your birth certificate. You will also need to go to a photo shop (yes they still exist)nad get passport photos taken. Your current drivers license is also needed. Yes, they may very well do a background check. Why don't you just man up about the whole thing. Don't do the crime if your not willing to do the time!
  • If you were adopted and your birth certificate was issued after adoption you need to explain when you apply. Sounds petty but it will be a major problem if this is the case. I mention it because it is common and it happened to me.
  • On the application for a passport there is instructions for what you need and how much money it costs. INS.GOV Warrants may be check at the point of leaving the country or entering the country. Not by the passport agency.

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