• But we don't use photosynthesis
    • Linda Joy
      We use it as a food source.
  • The Earth and all the life on it is one big organism, yes. (google that, you may find a name for that belief) ....Yea, here we go. It's called Gaia.
  • 4-5-2017 Yes, it's true. A chemical analysis of the human body is exactly the same as soil, except no silicon or heavy metals. That is what you would expect, since we eat food grown in soil.
  • Yes. The Bible confirms this as well. Our physical bodies, that is with the creation of Adam. Our spirits were created before the earth.
    • Jewels Vern
      Go read your bible. It plainly says heaven and earth were created in the beginning, and it only mentions three occasions of creating. None of that applies to "our" spirits because that was a different story that happened much later.
    • Linda Joy
      I've read The Bible, and other Scriptures as well. I believe our spirits were created before 'the beginning' mentioned in Genesis. The beginning mentioned there was the creation of time as we understand it which happened at the creation of the universe. Our spirits existed before that IMHO. However, I respect your right to your own opinion, of course!

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