• I don't usually get involved in this, but you're right, it's your body. The vital areas on your body are on your wrist, where you can see two veins sticking out every time you bend your hand backwards. There are vital veins in the soft areas behind your ears, and on the sides of your neck. This next area is the grossest, but also one of the most vital areas, there are two veins in your thighs just next to the crotch area. Also avoid your ankles, 'cause while ankle skin is tough to get through, things can get bad when they are slashed. And I THINK, there are two veins on each leg on the back of your knee. Those are all the areas I know about.
  • You want to feel pain...then do something painful that won't kill you. But you'd be better off not doing it to begin with.
  • If you want to feel pain do something impressive like join a gym or the army. Cutting is for cowards.
  • I'm not sure cutting is the best way to inflict pain, Try self flagellation is safer, tried and tested by monks for centuries. I would also suggest you seek support to identify why you want to hurt yourself. You are right it is your body, but this is not a good thing to be doing. Maybe try masturbating till it hurts, that way there is a little reward too.
  • If you wanna fell pain come and fight me...I hate emo attention seekers like you
  • I do not advise you to do that. But to be honest im the same way. Do it on your thigh. You will avoid hitting anything, it just as painfull, and no one will notise them.
  • There is a whole masochist subculture around this and they are masters of pain. You might look them up. And by the way, cutting doesn't produce anywhere near the pain some other techniques do. Your fingers are very sensitive. If you sterilize a needle for example, you can stab yourself under your fingernail. As it's used for torture, I can assure you of all the pain you can handle without the danger.

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