• Fireworks.
  • I smile...and drink some more...I usually am the noisy one...
  • Call the cops citing a disturbance of the peace?
  • Havent had to :)
  • call the cops and say that thier stalking you
  • Tell them half the truth and making up the rest with what satisfies their curiosity.
  • I just call the cops on them for disturbing the peace!!
  • Neighbors? What neighbors yo?...
  • Call the cops on them for disturbing the peace...not to mention all the other reasons neighbors have called the cops on them (yup, we got some of those nuisance neighbors).
  • If you're in an apartment do what I did. Place a piece of wood on the wall shared with them and hammer as hard as you can until things start falling off of their wall. Worked for me.
  • Heehee...i tend to throw something inside his yard when he pisses me off...Sometimes garbages,sometimes dead animals i found inside my Dad's cabin like cocroach or lizards,if lucky,i might have some dead cat
  • thats funny, we are definately the noisiest in ou rneighburhood, what between children, boys, runing round, playing rugby, and swimming and screaming, then our parties.............. no seriously, its all fine though ! but I do admit, we are a noisy bunch
  • I sometime like to give them something to talk about - I mean, since they are interested in my life - give them something for there effort! I once went walking through my backyard in a thong and cowboy boots - nothing else just to give my neighbor something interesting to look at since they were watching everybody they came and went from my house anyway! I could hardly keep a straight face while doing it, then when I got the the end of the yard, I starting skipping and flinging my arms and singing - that kept them talking for a long while - LOL!
  • be noisier den dey are see how dey like it
  • My neighbors used to be fond of getting drunk and arguing loudly all night long, until I had a heart to heart talk with them with a machete in my hand explaining the next time I hear yelling at 3am, i was dragging them out of their home and dissecting them. It's much quieter now.
  • If it's late at night I lay in bed and hope that they quiet down so I can go to sleep. If it's still loud for a while after that, I take my blanket and pillow into my closed closet and ball up toilet paper to stick into my ears. That usually blocks out most of the sound. Then I just lay there and wish one of my other neighbors will go over and tell them to be quiet.
  • report them. I have a cop living in my neighborhood and if anyone plays loud music, has a non-stop barking dog he reports them. He said if it's loud enough to bother you, then it's disturbing the peace.

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