• In the US, to me, it means giving meaningful health coverage to every citizen.
  • Government in control of your insurnce.The thing is most buisnesses are not going to be able to afford it.And the employes's will not have insurance.It will cost 1 trillion dollars who will pay that?Taxes.
  • Another Trillion dollars in debt.
  • It means an end to the strangle hold by insurance companies and HMO's. Thus instead of funding Insurance Company and HMO CEO golden parachutes, we can instead work on paying for health care. Just like the cheap Japanese Health care.
  • Higher taxes, waiting 6 months for an MRI, Not choosing your own doctors, long lines in the ER, many doctors will not practice medicine anymore (3 in our family have already left medicine) Insurance rates will be so high, they said it is not worth it. Treatment for people with a death sentence who only have a few years left will not get the best treatment, if they get any at all! Why waste money on someone who is going to die anyway? Many people come to the US for treatment, because we have the best doctors, many come from Canada so they can get treatment immediately, they do not like to wait long periods of time for an MRI, or an x-ray. I have been diagnosed with a rare nerve disease (CIDP) and I can get any one of these services in a day or two. I never had to wait for an MRI, x-ray, bone scan or any other service I need. I am sure I left out many more services, but my memory is not as good as it was, plus it is late, and I am tired, so I am going to hang it up. Have a great day!!
  • It means that if I need care and I have no insurance I don't have to self treat and hope it's right because I don't have that $50.00 required just to walk in the door. No more premature deaths from lack of medical more wondering do I buy food or see a doctor (which is reality for most people).
  • It doesn't mean anything to me anymore because I've been hearing those 3 words used in a sentence countless times and nothing substantial ever seems to happen, America's health care system is a joke... it's similar to those gowns you wear at the hospital, chances are your ass ain't covered.
  • It means me and mine might have coverage, that there might be hope.
  • Tort reform, limits on pharmecuitical profiteering, standardized fees (set by physicians, not gov't.), tax benefits for healthy life choices, tax penalties for poor health choices...
  • It needs to be run by the government. Why is it fair that someone like Bill Gates only pays the same insurance premium as me and i only make 20K per year. Also the rich people in this country are the people in medicine, that is conflicting interests. The rate of pay needs to be progressive.
  • It means Republicans will screw us again. No reform, just make it harder for everyone to see a doctor.
  • Just another opportunity to take more money from hard working people; reward the bums and step on the backs of people that pay for it.
  • Making some changes in our current health care system, not social medicine
  • Slavery to the doless non-working class.

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