• Because we were first. LOL
  • the men greet the danger and unexpected first, to protect the lives of the women and children. Men and women are tied to roles in life. It is world wide and a natural form of living in community.
  • I think its because men went on the battle field and fought wars
  • Because that which is created is never greater than that which created it. They fear us on a very deep psychological level.
  • It has always been a male dominated world, until recently.
  • Feminist moment was not there in Stone Age or in times of adam and eve.
  • What? I thought ladies first.+4
  • Think about it: In terms of intellectual capabilities, there has probably never been a significant difference between man and woman. However, in terms of physical strength and abilities, man has ALWAYS been the stronger of the sexes no matter what culture you look at. Which makes all the difference in terms of abilities and survival in a world where strength and general physical stamina determines who survives and who prospers. In light of how long mankind has been around, it's only been very recently where we've developed our social and technological abilities in other areas enough where sheer strength no longer really makes a difference. THAT'S why men have always come first before women in many cultures still today. Good question. +5
  • the women were to be protected as they are the givers of life!+5
  • Because it's the men who go out into jungle and hunt for food. Women never went hunting for food.

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