• I don't know about many people, but I'm turned off by the fact that Christianity assumes a god exists.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Rather than making assumptions, do you know for a fact that a God does not exist?
  • I completely agree!! Us christians have done a bad job representing God. Our job is just to love and do it well. God is the judge, that's not our place. Thanks for the question!
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and love your neigbor as youself would go a long way.
  • Sure, but that's like saying it would be better if carrots naturally tasted like ice cream. The real question, how likely is it?
  • I have faith and consider myself spiritual, but nothing's done more to drive me from organised religion than the intolerance and willful ignorance of fundamental Christians.
  • Remember Ghandi's comment about Christ and Christians. Agree 100%.
  • Who is making the judgement here? You are judging Christians for being judgemental. Why don't you tell us the real reason you don't like Christians?
  • Absolutely. Everyone, Christians included, is judgmental based on the life experiences, learned behavior, moral codes, etc. Everyone must find someone or something that is not as good as himself/herself in order to make themselves feel adequate.
  • Yes! There are different types of Christians, the kind (like me) who believe but don't ram it down people's throats! And the other kind that believe that they are testifying and do nothing but preach every other word and cast judgement on every person he/she meets. The latter I've described drives every person I've ever known crazy; and lucky me, I have a sister just like that! She thinks she's doing good, but all she's really doing is driving everyone away from her. You're so right too, the only one that will or should ever judge me is Him; not the Christian who thinks they are above others. You're a smart guy, Cotton!
  • yes and no...the Bible teaches what is pleasing to God and what isn't (aka sin)....if applying that knowledge is judgemental, so be it as Christians are not suppose to tolerate sin...that's why Christians will frequently watch others' behaviors and set boundaries accordingly. You are correct in that only God will be judging on Judgement Day but until then Christians have a responsibity to do everything they can to keep sin out of their life and so they must make that determination constantly-is that what you are refering to as judgemental?...and since no human is perfect, neither are Christians, but that doesn't keep Christians from working at it.
  • Pardon me for being judgemental, but who is HIM?
  • Its in our nature to be judgemental, its part of our survival skills weve had before we decided to create god and move out of caves
  • Yes, I personally would rather be a vegetarian than a christian. And we don't even know if there is a 'him' so if we left judgement up to an entity we can't even see or hear, people would just use that as an excuse to do stupid and corrupt shit, with the premise "He'll take care of it, you don't need to send me to jail...". No one would take responsibility or try to reach their full potential here in the tangible world that actually affects everyone because we'd be waiting for some eternal life.
  • That is among the reasons some people are turned off. many Christians have a self righteousness, even among each other, that is very distasteful. There's a guy on here constantly telling other Christians in a nutshell that they are incorrect on everything and equating his opinion with God's word. The constant judging would not be so bad if they were not constantly trying to manifest their beliefs into actual law. Many religions in the US have all kinds of views about the practices of nonbelievers, but only one actively tries to force people to live by their beliefs.
  • Yes,by some of them.And yes,that is the way it should be,let Him judge.
  • Yes, I would agree with that. I'm an atheist, and I've had a number of Christians take immediate offence to that fact and become determined to either convert me or convince me I'm going to hell (which really is a waste of their time, as an atheist doesn't believe in hell). I've never had this response from people of other religions. I think it's a case of a few Christians creating a bad name for many others, who I know are good people. I would never try to make someone change their beliefs so that they matched mine, and I expect the same courtesy in return.
  • Sadly, judgement is human nature.
  • you bet!, many so called Christains love to preach to others and look down their noses at others who either don't follow their particular Organised Religion or don't believe at all. Many are Hypocrites as well which also gets many backs up against them... maybe if they spent as much time just praying and keeping up their personal faith as they did trying to convert others the world would be a much better place . Now before any Christians decide to D/R me or start to dribble crap at me I am 100% against ALL Organised Religions as they ALL are hypocrtical and make a mockery out of the so called words of God ... if you belive in God great! but there is NO need to tell the world about it or try and push it onto others
  • Simply reading the bible and learning about God's wicked behavior turns me off of Christianity.
  • I am sure you feel resentment, but you can't judge all Christians.
  • I believe we should all love one another I don't think people should judge be it Christian's judging others or others judging Christians like this question does. And I don't think Christians should be held to a higher standard or be put down or be considered judgmental for holding to standards others don't share. But most certainly Christians should be generous extending grace and the love of God to others as it was done for them.
  • Not all Christians are judgemental. If you happen to come across the kind that rush to judgment, then just ignore them. They are considered Pharisees that prevent Christians from taking a step further. Read (Matthew 23:13) for a definement.

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