• Yes, their usually telemarketers who dial more than one number at a time, whoever answers fist is stuck with them and the other answers a dead phone call.
  • *doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo* (twilight zone) But! Yes (when we're not connected to the internet LoL) ~ I don't like it, as I always think someone is checking out whether anyone is at home or not (prospective burglars or something) OR .. someone got a fright when they realised our phone does work, someone IS at home, and they're in shock they got through at all (dial-up is connected most the time) ... and they hang up in awe LoL .. but usually i'm thinking the former...
  • Often, I prefer the heavy breathers or the prank phone calls, they add joy to my world.
  • Not at home, but at least once or twice a day that happens a work.
  • Caller I.D. allows one to block such numbers.
  • Happened alot here lately. Unknown caller.
  • It's a computer used by telephone marketing companies to work out a pattern of what time of day you are in to answer the phone. When you pick up the phone it ends the call to save them the call charge, but it tells them to phone you at the same time the following day/week by a real person.
  • ive gotten calls like that at 6am which is why i take the phone off the hook when im sleeping

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