• ALL the time.. he is just a puppy though so I dont know if thats just a puppy thing or not.
  • My cat has once or twice. Usually after drinking alot of water.
  • Yes awh its cute, I try and take them away by stroking her chest, she eats too fast sometimes.
  • It's hillarious, isn't it? My cat has them frequently - can never guess when it's hiccups or a hairball. But I think the cutest thing was when my puppy (big dog now) got them - it fell over! lol
  • Yes, I think every puppy I've ever had has had hiccups several times.
  • Absolutely, it's hilarious ... they don't know what it is and look all around for whatever it was that just happened. My dogs have also had nightmares, the burps, the farts, just like people ... GOT to love your dogs, they are awesome!!
  • yes, my wittle weee doggie, someties get them....... dont know why!:)
  • ..oh my mini schnau would do that, and just sit and stare at me like it was my fault and why wasn't I making it stop.....funny but made me feel guilty for laughing..
  • yes, its quite amusing.
  • No, but he loves to burp if you get to close. You also have to be careful where you are when rubbing his belly, he likes farting during a good rub.
  • Hehe a big yes to that! Usually from eating too much too fast! Sounds familiar actually LoL
  • Yes. Our beagle has a problem where her nasal passages/tear ducts are malformed. Every so often, she will get saliva into her nasal passages and start snorting like she just smelled chili pepper flakes. It freaked us out the first time it happened, and we took her straight to the vet. The vet assured us it was just a kind of "doggie hiccups" and that they were doing her no harm. . . .
  • Never Notice!
  • Yes, a dog and a cat. It's a bit scary, you are not too sure whether they are going to vomit all over the carpet or there is something seriously wrong with them.Luckily, both mine turned out all good.
  • The dog has but not the cat. When the dog does it we usually remember to hook him up outside pretty quick because with him it's a sign that he's going to hurl. The cat doesn't seem to hiccup or give us the same warning signs, with her it's quick and almost convulsive like.
  • Yes and it's hilarious...after my dog's hiccups are over he sometimes rolls over on his back and squirms around and his face looks like he's smiling and it makes me think that if he could talk he'd probably say "Ugh thank god that crap is over!" Lol ;-)
  • My dogs have them all the time. They get up and walk away looking at you like you're responsible.
  • No, but when they fart, they are so scared. They look around and then dart up the stairs. Its so funny to watch!
  • i have a golden retriever who might have gotten hiccups once. but my friends horse had the hiccups this one time it was just like shockwaves going through his belly

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