• get it removed or covered up for SURE.
  • laser surgery. That or just get another tattoo and cover up the odd one. And if worst comes to worst, get a refund.
  • Oh my god... Laser removal is quite effective, I hear.
  • LOL...sorry but i'm not a fan of tatoos
  • Wow...that's all I can! It was a difficult picture to go from I'm sure!
  • there is kind of a resemblance but she looks 65 yrs old on the tattoo and 18 in the pic? that's reason number 8,592 why i never have or never will get a tattoo
  • Oh how terrible, I would be so upset, if that was me. (on a side note I have no tatoos)
  • Oh dear!
  • I think I would have SUED the tattooist! I would have been really really angry, as well as upset that the tattoo of my lost loved one looked so....awful! Saying all that, I dont think I'd ever get a tattoo anyway.
  • i would have sued and used the money gained to get laser removal of said tattoo.
  • First, I would look into laser removal or go to another tatoo artist and get his/her idea on what can be done with either fixing it up or whatever else they can suggest. As far as sueing that is up to you and obviously a personal choice. I also had someone very close to me pass on and what I did was get an eternity sign with blending colors in it, his dates and initials on top of it on my ankle. Good luck on whatever you plan on doing!
  • Ouch man.. lmao But that is what a person gets when they don't take the time to find a good enough artist.. Finding an artist you like could take a lot longer than one day.. people who expect to just walk in to a place and get amazing work really should think twice.. I have an appointment for next Tuesday to get my feet tattood.. I found someone who is so good I made the appointment in the middle of May.. take the time to know what kind of quality you're getting.. AND.. good tattoos are NOT cheap.
  • Bad idea.
  • That tattoo is horrible. I'd immediately let them know it's not acceptable. Was there any sketch done first, any prior approval? If so, filing a lawsuit is useless. I know of one young man with a tattoo, a memorial to his Grandfather, and one of the words is misspelled. After seeing that, I'd insist on seeing a sketch before proceeding.
  • hahaha!!! sorry im laughing, but i cant believe the photo. so wrong... the tattoo was a beautiful thought, but the artist was horrible. i would ask for a refund at the very least. i doubt he could sue though, since art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. also, the person was present at the time of the tattoo and could have stopped the artist at any time during the process. id be looking into laser surgery removal stat!
  • Hope you don't plan on wearing that for the rest of your life. I couldn't hole my laughter back. Sorry.
  • Definately laser removal.
  • well you get what you pay for...I'm sure that was not done by a professional tattoo artist....

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