• for the same reasons some people not on welfare are lazy.
  • They're getting free money with very little effort. Why wouldn't they be?
  • Same reasons why some people who are not on welfare are lazy.
  • I don't know why you think that. Before I can properly answer the question I would need to understand where you're coming from. +5
  • +2 for saying "Some".*
  • they lack drive, motivation. but i liked the 'some'
  • because free cash for no work
  • People that work,can be equally as lazy,if not more lazy.
  • Most people on welfare are not lazy. And people on welfare that are lazy, the reason they are lazy has nothing to do with it. Those who abuse welfare are simply shady. If they didn't abuse this it would be something else. Welfare is for the needy but unfortunately it also attracts some of the morally indifferent. Anyone I know that was on welfare is no longer on it nor did they like being on it. Its for people dealing with a temporary economic crisis or those incapable of fending for themselves.
  • The system will not allow motivation for profit only subsistence motivation
  • Because they have given up on realizing their dreams by their own effort. Stopped believing that they themselves are the ones who can change anything. Funny thing is that this also often happen to the children of very wealthy people. There it is called ennui.
  • getting money for doing nothing tends to encourage laziness. say what?
  • To get free money.
  • Sometimes what looks like laziness is actually depression. Think about it -- who wouldn't be depressed on welfare?
  • Well I have known some people on welfare that were lazy and they din't want to work, they wanted cash, and they wanted to party! But it can be a viscious cycle trying to work and stay off it, but not having the skills or opportunity to move higher up can really limit you. Also, not being paid enough can restrict you too. When as a single parent I was on it for a couple of months. I was offered a job that paid less than what I was getting on welfare. I couldn't afford to take it. It was something I would have liked doing and there was opportunity for advancement. With childcare, baby sitting, commuting, food rent, healthcare, etc... I honestly could not afford it (this was 20 years ago and the job paid $5 an hour). I still think the government should partner with small business and supplement what the small business pays (as long as the business is being honest with what it can pay). This could be done until the person is financially able to become independent or can move their way up to a higher paying job. That way the government saves some money, assists someone to become emloyed, the business is able to be more financially stable in the sense that if it retains empoyees it does not lose money by having to constantly retrain people or loss of business because there is no employee available, and it would help the individual on the assistance to feel better about themselves and maybe then the cycle can begin to be broken down! Also, would it not help to stabilize the economy and fill job positions that people normally would not want to have because of the low wage. I don't know just a thought that I've been thinking about and suggested before for many years now.
  • Probably the same reason you probably are lazy.. I've been an employer and have hired more lazy workers than I could shake a stick at. I've meet more lazy people on the job than were ever on welfare. I've worked jobs where I had to do the work of 3 people simply because they were lazy, but somehow always seemed to get paid the exact same wages I did. Welfare is simply a way to keep out of work people from starving to death right now and does NOTHING to address the level of poverty that has done nothing but go up since the Reagan administration. Now welfare is the last resort for millions of people who simply cannot find any job. Well, let's just throw them under the bus so we can instead spend a few more trillion for new prisons when desperate people become willing to kill to feed their families.
  • Getting too confortable with easy money?.
  • Why is anyone who works lazy at times? Anyone can be called 'lazy' at some time or another.
  • For the reverse reasons (perhaps) that some people are workaholics.
  • Because they can get free stuff without working for it like everyone else.
  • because those who administer the welfare are not being strict with the guidelines set out. Welfare is suppose to provide a handup to better opportunities for the recipients. I'd look to the administrators before i looked to those who, when given an inch take a yard. Back in my day when my husband and i were on welfare when we first got married believe me there was no room for taking a yard. They were very strict with us from day one and yes, we did get off of welfare. Thanks to the strictness of the administrators one of us got an education while the other was able to stay home to raise the children ...
  • it's not that welfare makes people lazy, but that there are basically two kinds of people drawn to the welfare system 1. those who, for what ever reason, don't have the money to survive without help. 2. the lazy who don't want to work but don't wan't to starve either. the unfortunate fact is that the welfare system attracts the lazy just as the police dept attracts power hungry bullies, it has what they want. in the mean time the lazy ones make things more difficault for the people who are just trying to get back on their feet because people have lumped all welfare people together under the "lazy" sign.
  • they barely break a sweat for living
  • 7-2-2017 The answer is fairly simple and fairly obvious, but you never thought about it. Here is a little book that explains it fully:
  • The same reason some people who work are lazy.

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