• I don't know my neighbors, just moved in. But I would not hate them anyway.
  • Nope, I absolutely adore my neighbors. If I won the lottery, I might knock this house down and build a slightly better house on this lot, but I wouldn't leave my neighbors. They are all good people and I love living among them. When I collapsed screaming in my bathroom last week, they all came running and helped get me to the hospital. One of my neighbors has been helping me through these horrible headaches, even spoon feeding me when I was too weak to eat. I wouldn't trade them for anything.
  • No. Don't know them that well, but they are nice enough. Actually, I try not to 'hate' anyone.
  • No. But I don't care for this one. Something is rotting in their apartment.
  • No I have great neighbors.
  • I know there are people living in this building, but I haven't seen them in awhile.
  • Hate is a strong word,so NO.But I have to say that they are extremly annoying with the yelling and cursing all the time,the Dog's barking,and the music that vibrates the whole house.Don't get me wrong,I AM a music fan,and I DO like it sorta loud,but TOO loud-there is a decible limit,I think.*
  • My neighbors are OK, they are kind of a bunch of snobs more interested in their stupid homes and yards and all their crap than anything else, but it's the net result of paying higher property taxes than the average annual income I guess; they're just bitter :-)
  • No, I have good and peaceful neighbors!!
  • Don't hate any of them, although I do dislike one.
  • I call them "The Frat Boys." I live in a condo and they moved into the condo next door. They have parties on week-nights that last until 4:30 AM. They know of only one way to close a door - slamming. Their stereo apparently is permanently set to 11. Their pit bull attacked our letter carrier so now not only do they not get mail, neither do I. Our front doors are right next to each other. They leave their trash out for weeks at a time, and some of it overflows behing my garage. They park their cars all over, except in their garage. Parking here is at a premium. They have absolutely no compunction at double-parking and then standing next to the car with the door open, blocking all traffic. When you try to get by they act as if you are imposing upon them. The Association can only fine the owner, who lives 3,000 miles away. When a delegation of the Association's Board confronted them, they vandalized my shrubs in retaliation.
  • No, I do not hate my neighbors. They have become my good friends. As neighbors we need to support and help each other in our neighborhood watch against intruders and mischief makers.
  • No. . . . . .they're actually VERY nice!
  • I dislike them, they don't respect sleeping time and talk very loudly as if they were death (THEY AREN"T) and every morning the guy talks bad to his mother.... yells at her for forgetting something or for not getting the kids to school on time or for something, even as random as "wheres the car keys" :/
  • I have made it a rule of mine to never interact with my neighbors short of a friendly wave b/c of the experiences I've had. Neighbors can be such a pain that they've even forced me to move on one occassion (threatening, not menicing). Currently, I am in a gated community that I though was safe, but now I have neighbors 2 houses down that are into drugs and can't seem to go 5 minutes without throwing the F bomb around on their front lawn in front of my children. Doesn't help that one is a former inmate at the prison which I and my s/o are employed, and felt the need to settle his "score" by spraying down our mailbox with sugar water, so it is now a breeding ground for swarms of ants so severe we're going to have to get a whole new box/post! In short, neighbors are a pain in the a**, and when I am ready to buy a home, it will be one so far back in the sticks, the FBI won't be able to locate me!
  • No, I don't hate any of my neighbors. I do dislike one of them, because she often has said very rude & mean things. I used to visit her often, but no longer do at all. An example of how she is & the type of things she says is like once when my daughter & I were at her house visiting with her....a couple yrs. ago, when my daughter was 9, this woman said something not nice & unnecessary to my girl. Well, it was cold weather, so my daughter had on a coat, which she still had on for ahwile in this neighbor's house. This neighbor lady goes about asking my daughter why she has gotten so fat!!! This she said because of the puffs out. But my daughter is nowhere near even chubby, & this woman has seen my daughter other times, so should know this. This thing really made my daughter feel bad! But this neighbor woman has often made all kinds of uncalled for comments!
  • All my neighbors are great. Only one young kid that's spoiled and always gets what he want's and that kind of bugs me. I guess that's my problem, he's only 17 and has a nicer truck than me lol

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