• when I dye my hair, its doens't make my scalp burn or "sting." If you are experiencing a burning sensation then stop and immediately wash it out. If you have a sensitive scalp, they make products for that now. It is not recommended to use chemicals if you have damaged hair.
  • Sensitivity can be it, but you also have to keep in mind that most dyes are pretty chemically, and sometimes you have to bleach your hair first, which technically isn't very good for your hair. Or you could have an allergy to an ingredient. If you're trying to get a natural looking colour, I recommend henna -- you can often combine it with indigo to get various shades of red or brown, depending on your natural hair colour (don't use henna that's already said to be a certain colour, though, like "black henna"). As far as unnatural colours, I've heard Manic Panic has good quality hair colours, but I dunno whether it's any better for the skin than the stuff you buy in Walmart and the such.
  • It makes mine burn sometimes. I dye my hair once a month.. sometimes. I dye my hair red so it doesn't last to long.. I wish you great looks on your new color!!
  • I have really sensitive skin, the hair dye at the hairdressers doesn't affect me, but the home ones make my scalp unbearably itchy.
  • doesnt hurt my head one bit.. my friend who was dying my hair got it all over my back of my head, ears and forehad(almost covered it!) and it didnt itch one bit! though i dont have sensitive so im not sure if that would be why
  • I got a mohawk and died it blonde, then added sum blue to it. It hurt... Really bad. I thought i was boutta die!!! Ha but really my head started hurting and well ya. So i guess its normal for it to hurt.
  • may be the cause of cancer if applied at the roots.

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