• That is a wonderful question and most people ask how to have lucid dreams. Intriguing to me. Most people would love to have them all of the time like you. I trained myself to have them more often and now have them mostly every night. My idea for you is this: Whenever you look up lucid dreaming online, tips come up on how to train yourself to start having them. Well, why not train yourself to stop having them if it makes you uncomfortable? I would advise you to research the tips on how to have them and sort of do the opposite to keep your's at bay if you wish. I really do not know why you are having them so often. I know people have had them without training themselves, like me, but I have never heard of a case like your's. I would make the best out of the situation if I were you and travel around, fly, etc. You can learn a lot during lucid dreams.

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