• Yes, I believe so...The question is, how are they going to achieve such a thing and implement it?
  • Absolutely!
  • Fuckin A
  • I think universal health care is flawed greatly! look at the medical problems in the UK...sure it starts out looking and sounding great, until no one wants to be a doctor anymore and you cant be seen in a hospital unless you were going to die right there in that spot....sure everyone should have healthcare...but there needs to be a new approach to it.
  • YES. every man, woman...and child should ALWAYS HAVE healthcare...WHO CAN YOU DENY OF A GIVEN RIGHT?!?! You cant. How is Universal healthcare gonna lead to socialism...its not. Thats just silly, they just dont wanna loose the big buck that goes into their pocket.
  • Yes I believe that they should.
  • Yes, every person in the USA should not have to worry about where there next meal comes from because they are sick and can't pay for both food and health care.
  • of course, anyone who is sick should be able to go to the doctor, not just those fortunate enough to have insurance i think health care should be considered a basic human right
  • Most definitely.
  • Who is going to pay the cash that this will cost? Medicare started this same way and it is now unaffordable. We're already how many trillions of dollars in debt? In five years this new plan will be unaffordable also because somebody has to have the cash to pay for all of this. I'd love to see EVERYBODY have excellent health care but this is just one mountian that I don't think we'll be able to climb.
  • Ummmm YES!!! Plus, they need to exercise the price gouging laws on medical bills. Hell, if they did just one of those, it would help tremendously. Last time I checked, medical attention was an essential service so they really need to make it more readily available to those of us, which are abundant lately, that can't afford it. Nothing makes you wish you lived in Canada more then having a broken bone or having a 106 degree temperature but not going to see the doctor because you can't afford another $2,000 bill for 5 minutes of his time and a prescription. I've been there and it sucks. >.<
  • Absolutely. Unfortunately Americans who do have healthcare spend twice the cost per capita compared with other developed nations, yet are ranked 37th in overall quality out of 191 countries, according to the World Health Organization. The United Kingdom, which spends just six percent of GDP on health services, ranks 18th.
  • Yes! Where is the sensitivity? I do not see how so many cold hearted, dry, unemotional people can let the poor who need the healthcare the most, suffer the most. What is wrong with a bit of love?
  • No. By giving universal healthcare, you are screwing doctors to the wall. Then we have no choice but the screw you back and all go private.
  • Every person in America does have access to health care. If you have a history of paying your bills, just call a doctor and make an appointment. If you are employed you are probably one of the 250,000,000 citizens covered by company subsidized insurance. If you're diasbled or a single parent or below the zero tax line there is Medicaid. If you are retired there is Medicare. If you don't fit into any of these catigories you're probably and illegal alien so go back to where you came from. When I hear the totally scary term “National Health Care” I’m unpleasantly reminded of many other government agencies such as: - U.S. Immigration Service – they manage visiting non-citizens. - Border Patrol – they enforce the laws on traffic across our borders. - Dept. of Justice – that has been highly successful at running most of our manufacturing job out of the country. - Federal Reserve Bank – that has created, regulated, supervised, and enforced the most astronomical banking crisis in our 223 year history. - Federal Housing Finance Agency – they invented the process of hiding all the HUD subprime mortgages in packages called MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) to sell to unsuspecting investors. - Dept. of Housing & Urban Development – that is currently the most incompetent slum lord in every American city. And now that senile group of misfits we call “Congress” is talking about managing your health care,,,,, and paying all our medical bills,,,,, with new tax money extorted from us,,,,, if there’s anything left over after they pay the salaries of the huge Federal Health Care Administration which will be larger than the U.S. Postal Service…. You just have to remember that both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch are filled with people that are either professional politicians that have never held a job, or lawyers that could not make it in private practice and ran for political office.
  • Every one deserves the right to health care. That being said many people need to be properly educated as well. Not every cut, bang or sniffle requires a visit to the doctor. Control your weight and diet or quit smoking because if you do not want to take care of yourself why should the health care system. The weight of this burden makes universal healthcare very difficult.
  • Yes, providing they are legal U.S. citizens. 20 million illegal people in the United States will drain legal citizens dry. Why should legal Americans pay for healthcare for illegal people in the United States? Something is terribly wrong here.
  • No, and i no that no one liks that answer, but I think whatever system they do come up with will be all screwed up....just like anything else the gov comes up with . And it will change everyone's healthcare....I like my healthcare and I am afraid it will be harder to be seen by a Dr. for my family......we wouldn't get the attention needed in as timely fashion as we do now... . Sounds harsh but i look out for me and my family first
  • In a country with so much wealth, yes, everyone should have access to whatever medical care they need. Unfortunately, this situation is very complicated and the biggest bugger in the bunch is the insurance companies. There was a news item recently that said a CEO of an isurance company was being paid the equalivalent (of something like) $250 thousand dollars an hour. (I have looked for the article but so far I can't find it. If anyone knows where I might find this, please provide a link. Thanks!) . We have paid our premiums, expecting that they were going to create good medical coverage. Instead, having worked my entire life (and been without medical insurance for most of it) I am working from 20 to 30 hours a week with no health insurance and no clear way to qualify for the help programs because of my fluctuating hours. I am looking for a full time job with benefits. They don't seem to exist anymore. I am looking for a second job so that I might be able to buy my own insurance. In the meanwhile, I can't afford my meds and I need to have an infected tooth pulled. My health is suffering and it doesn't look like it will get better ever again. . Remember that I have worked my entire life and paid taxes and insurance premiums all along. I have never drawn welfare or food stamps. I raised two children with no help and kept all of my bills paid. My situation now is in no way of my making. I didn't do anything wrong. I did EVERYTHING right. But I am being penalized for not being crooked and having found a way to skim off more than I was due. . Yes, every citizen of this country deserves healthcare. And all of our senators, congressmen and elected officials should have the same plan as the rest of us. Insurance companies should be made to conform to some kind of ethical standard. No one should have to stop taking their required medicines because the system is all knotted up.
  • every American has the rigt to pursuit happiness. Health care is and should be available to all. do you mean health insurance ?
  • If the question is acutally "does government know best how to divvy it up?" then just wait until Obama's minions have full control to determine who lives and who dies.
  • They do. And nobody in America should have their care rationed and face the death panel when it's determined you no longer contribute.
  • Well, depends on what level and type. I have seen CNN running some Pro-health care crap which they showed 3 who didn't have it and died. 1. They don't know why she died. 2. Died due to undiagnosed hart problems which (They stated) could have bene controlled by minor medicarion and WEIGHT LOSS. 3. Freelance photo guy who had an appendix repture. Gee, made enough to afford wife and child, but not insurance? PULEEZE!!!
  • Absolutely, and to help pay for it, we could reduce the money wasted on the military and on fighting unnecessary wars.

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