• I wouldn't consider myself beautiful, inside or out, but I'll answer anyway. As women go, I don't want a lot, really. I would like no lies and reciprocation in feelings, and for me that is about it. I'm not an expectant or demanding sort of person. Really, as long as they are just genuine I am fine. And even if they are not and are upfront about it, I'm fine. I don't hold expectations, which makes the good things a pleasant surprise
  • All women want the same basic things. Love, respect, honesty, and trust. It is the foundation for a long and happy relationship! The rest depends on the individual.
  • To be treated as a partner and not as a possesion.
  • I think they want a big heart.
  • There is only 1 "m" in women!
  • To be treated like a queen , with love and respect
  • A man who respects me, shares my interest in serving God and especially one who knows how to spell. :)
  • A guy that can understand me, or atleast try as I don't even understand myself half of the time. Someone that knows what they want and someone I can communicate to easily

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