• I moved to a new city and reinvented myself socially. It was a big transition, and sometimes I think that it was a bad idea, but it will work out in the long run, I'm sure. +5
  • Cut all the losers and negativity out of my life.
  • Lately? Finally ditch the dumb exes who I was getting stuck on for years. So long, suckers.
  • My underwear. The change was definitely needed! +5
  • Got a divorce after 28 year's and making it on my own!!!
  • Understanding my indedpendence and asserting it.
  • from puberty to adult.
  • Change is hard to judge in my perspective. I made a lot of changes, some because I needed to and some cause I was forced too. My biggest change was like a two for one kind of thing.. I cut it off with the guy I was engaged to after being with him for 4 years. Soon after that I was involved in a vehicle accident some tourist was lost and did an illegal turn in front of me from the 3ed lane over trying to get into a parking lot,going approx 10 mph to my 40 mph..I know have to have surgery on my knee and possibly on my neck and back not to mention my other knee. I still appear what you define as normal lol but was forced to change my life around 100% I am no longer able to do the type of work I have done 90 % of my life, and the career I was about to test for will not accept me now. My schooling I am about to graduate soon with a Bach of science degree. I may not be able to do that as well.. changes are happening everyday. and so this one is changing everyday and still on going at this moment..
  • Turned my mind from materialistic things to my religion for everlasting peace and happiness!
  • That would have been when I got divorced, a whole different world, raising kids by yourself.
  • Living without my son.
  • A commitment to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior has made me understand the meaning of having a full life in Him now and forever.
  • I quit smoking many years back and I couldn't be happier I did that. +5
  • Art ... I was once a bodybuilding motorcycle rider/racer with little time for anyone but me ... One year I had a serious accident, along with business stress and the loss of a couple of friends ... I hit the wall Yet it was all for the better, so it would seem today ... as I now have time for everyone, I discovered art and the importance of ALL life ... I love this change that found me. It takes the negative to create and find the positive ... Thanks for asking. Peace
  • Taking responsibility for the kid I sired.
  • Quitting smoking!

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