• I believe that one religion is true and many others have truth in them. But that is my world view and may not apply to others.
  • true or false faith sounds like no strings attached dinner.
  • All Religions are fairy tales.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Good. Someone smart enough to be factual and honest. Well said!
  • i don't belive in any,,,,only in my self and all other good people !!
  • I think each to their own, believe in whatever makes you feel happy.
  • I don't think there is one true religion because I think everyone should be able to be believe in what they want. Who am I to say what is true and what is not?
  • I dont believe in good or any religion but i think they are necessary!
  • I suspect that there is a little truth is all organized religions. However some may have more truth in them than others.
  • All are false to a degree - or completely false.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Yes. Another one smart enough to be factual and honest!
  • in my opinion they are all false...just ways for people to make sense of their lives, reject reason and accountability and have some kind of crutch because the idea that we are on this big rock floating through space all on our own is too big of a scare for them.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Right on!
  • Humans have created 1000s of gods and religions over the millennia. Every time a new one comes along, the believers are told that all the previous gods, all the previous religions, are false. Anyone who falls for ANY religion is what we call gullible.   ...or pick any adjective from the list: • gullible • credulous • dupable • naive • susceptible • foolish • innocent  
    • WandererTalks
      Hinduism alone has over 33 million gods. I think it's a bit more than 1000s lol :P
  • All religions co-exist and they have a few followers and they talk to that audience.For them their own religion is true.As bystanders we cannot judge on them since they are passionate about their own.No one should thrust their own religion on others.To each his own and those who do not believe in anything they should not try to stick to their stand.The most important thing for any human to do is to search for the truth always.
  • YES! By the way choose your own!I've already got mine.....
  • I believe all religions are one so they are all true. It is some of the people who practice them who are false. :)
  • I don't believe in "religion" I believe God wants a relationship with his people. Religion is a man made system to do works and rituals, which keep us away from God
  • I'm a Christian. I have many friends that are other than Christian... And I respect them and their religions.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Why not - they are just as wrong as you are!
  • Absolutely not. I can't afford that type of arrogance in my life.
  • All dualistic Religion is finite man's inadequate attempt at understanding Infinite Divine Source. To that end man consistantly tries to bring THAT or "God" down to their size and ends up only with some "Better" Version of their own finite self. It cannot be helped since they search via the intellect and The Divine ONE cannot be understood this way. Religion tries to define THAT which lies BEYOND all definition. Still... until one has merged INTO Truth Absolute... dualistic religions do fill a purpose. One's religion is a very karmic thing. We are attracted to or born into whatever "Belief" system our current karma dictates. So a particular religion could be "RIGHT" for one person.. and NOT Right for another. Or right at one time for someone and not at another time. Am I suggesting we are preprogramed here? Absolutely we are. Still, each "indivindual" soul must discover this for themselves...from within. Ultimately (lifetimes) we move BEYOND dualistic religion and are LED, from within, to a particular non-dual Spiritual Path where we begin SEEKING Truth in earnest. I have found that the old saying is quite true.. When the Student is Ready, The Master appears. How do we KNOW it is not only a True Master but also the right Master for us? Actually it is foolproof. .. The Divine ONE is able to REVEAL Truth Absolute to us.. from within. And in this Transcendent Moment we are able to literally Enter the MIND/Heart of "God"...Infinite Divine Consciousness. PS That which is FEAR focused and not LOVE Focused is False. That which NEEDS to be right.. is false. That which THINKS it is separate from The Divine ONE.. is false. ULTIMATELY.... anything and anyone that is Not Source... is false.
    • OrangeDonRump
      It's so sad - you can't prove even ONE claim you make here!
  • Not. I believe that + One religion is the truest + Most of the others have different amounts of the truth + A few, like Satanism, are completely false. The desire for God is written in the human heart, because each person is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw each person to himself. In response to this desire, most religions are humanity sincerely reaching out for God. In Judaism and Christianity, God is reaching out for humanity and we respond. Religion is a set of beliefs and practices followed by those committed to the service and worship of God. The first commandment requires us to believe in God, to worship and serve him, as the first duty of the virtue of religion . With love in Christ.
    • OrangeDonRump
      I wonder how Christ and God would feel about all the Child Rape in the Catholic Cult. Good thing for your cult that those mythical creatures aren't real....
  • Any religion that expounds itself as the One True Way™ is ipso facto a false religion.
  • Yes, my new BANANA GOD religion is actually true, making all previous religions false. Why do you ask? Hey, is that a banana in your pocket or are you sinning? *blink*
  • I believe that only the Truth is True. ...The Truth you will not find in Religions and Scripture. ...The Truth you will find within your Self. ...Religions do not give you a direct Experience of God. And that is what is the Goal. .....Simple... just look within through Meditation and no Religion needed. Seriously, God is within you as you you need nothing.
  • What I believe is this: What is real cannot be threatened, What is unreal doesn't exist. Herein lies the peace of God
  • I think many paths lead to that gate, but I also believe one religion is more complete.
  • All religions like all laws ARE true in their core values hence why they have built up civilisations. It's people's self interest and personalities that are the corrupting influence.
  • Typically, only a destructive cult teaches this type of exclusivity. It is a way to instill fear and superiority in the members mind. ...................Catholicism, Mormonism, JW's, Islam, Scientology, are a few of the most lucrative and destructive of the bunch. There are hundreds of off shoots from these cults...
  • Jehovah God has set out in HIS Bible, all the rules of HIS APPROVED RELIGION.... Its HIS way or the highway... 1. Mark 9:7....obey Jesus his son 2. Matthew 28: 19,20...Preach the Kingdom 3. Do it door to door...Acts 5:42 Only J.W.'s comply. In his day, Jesus healed many people, but they eventually all died...and will be resurrected... 144,000 out of all people who have ever lived have a heavenly judges with Jesus. Rev. 7:4 & 14:1 All the rest, if they are obedient, will have a continuing life in the flesh, on the earth...after Armageddon...' Its all about obedience... And NOT getting sidetracked by long held traditional beliefs. (Matthew 15:3) In reply he said to them:
    • Old Christian
  • Not in the sense you might think. As kin of one of the creators of this world being a dragon then I know the truth already. We created the world to grow our own life. It started out with a bit of life and chaos although just enough to get them to evolve. The plan was to have a perfect world although this intruder came in and took all the credit then made us look bad after they created a species called humans. They were nothing but pure evil parasites that to this day are sucking this world dry. We dragons tried to fix the world but humans refused and being not really agresive we just stood back. How do you humans like your hate filled world? it is quite amusing when you protest or even kill each other in some dumb scenario for dumb reasons like green paper or dragon barf that funny enough most people want.
  • All religions are belief systems and ergo the words true or false cannot be used in this concept.
  • No more than one language can be "true" and all else false. Religions serve a purpose in countries, cultures and laws. It;s because people are far removed from those pure values that they do not understand. Just like kids demeaning their parents or claiming they've "never done anything for me" is usually quite far from the truth. Alas people these days lack mental maturity and understanding.
  • I will answer with a question. What is you definition of religion? My Bible says if one wants to be religious help others. Other words minister to others. Also I prefer to not say I am religious. But that I am a born again believer.
  • Yes, I believe in one religion. Here's a scripture to help you understand. (Isaiah 43:10) 10 
  • Jehovah God wants things done his way...His only way...The same basis as tax or traffic laws... There are NOT multiple ways to please Jehovah God. Example...listen to Jesus...not Muhammad. Mark 9:7 Preach the kingdom...Matthew 28: 19,20 Do it door to door....Acts 5:42 Harm no one... A loving God does not condone revenge..of any sort. And there can BE only ONE creating God.
  • what is true is that What is true is that God exists within you as you. Religions will not give you a direct experience of God. They keep you locked within thought which is an illusion.
  • I think there are many paths to that straight and narrow gate but there is only one way.Jesus.
  • If you believe in God, and His Word the Bible then there is only one (1) True Religion. Eph 4:5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism;  one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. Please notice it says: one faith.
  • I do not believe any gods exist or that any religions are true.
  • How do you tell which religion is the correct one? Its the one being obedient to what Jesus asked of all of us...Matthew 28: 19,20....the preaching of the Kingdom WORLDWIDE. Only JW's are doing this...every single member. sickness can slow some of us down, but we keep on. In obedience to Matthew 24:14. No other so called "christian" group can claim this.
    • pugwashjw65
      Seems like I have answered this three times...a bit of overkill. But the truth remains...The preaching of the Kingdom.
  • I'm just not sure but I'm still open for finding a faith but, I just can never find one that just feels right. No, I'm agnostic and I almost had a Buddhist religious experience of remembering a past life. I'm not 100% sure that's true but it felt so immersive and made me not an atheist.
  • In all things there is just one truth Finding the truth is the key I found Him. His name is Jesus "I am the way the truth and the light"
  • No I do not. I don't hold a belief that any religion(s) are true or false. I have no idea if they're true or false.
  • Absolutely Eph 4:5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism;  one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.  Notice the scripture says (one faith) not two or five or more, but (one.)
  • The religion that follows and actually knows the Bible and puts its word into practice
  • No. I believe they're all equally false and that their beliefs are all equally bizarre. Of course, to our ancient ancestors, they made a great deal of sense for good reason, but we are not our ancestors. By now, we should know better, though it's true that anthropologists and neuroscientists think we may be hardwired for religious belief simply because religion offered our ancestors some survival advantages.
  • Friend there is literally hundreds of thousands of ways to do what is wrong! There's only one way to do what is right there's this book called The Bible it's a set of instructions on how to do what is right that's plain and simple you can either choose one of the hundreds of thousands of ways to do what is wrong or you can choose the one way to do what is right
  • I think all religions are equally ridiculous.
  • can only be one god if he is true
  • I belong to a personal religious tradition but I believe God loves people of all cultures and faiths and that there is more than one scripture that can teach morals and piety and humility and compassion.
  • Religion is only one.
  • I believe that Christianity is the one true religion, and the Bible is truly God words written by holy men guided by the Holy Spirit. All other religions are Satan's attempt to lead people away from God.

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