• Mounties wear Smokie Bear hats, red coats, and ride horses... all the time. They allways get their man. Even when their man is escaping in a car and the Mounties are,well, mounted. They use eh instead of a period. Canada is the US's little brother, therefor the words to the National anthem are 'O Canada, somewhere to the north.' No wait that's just MY conception. There's a town called Dildo up there. No wait thats for real. Misconceptions about, 'scuse, aboot Canada would fill the bag.
  • that they are humble people.
  • People still live in Igloos and huts without electricity. It is winter all year long. People there do not yet have phones or automobiles. They still use horses ,wagon trains and sleds. People there still hunt for food,for there is no meat stores. Canada is not located in north america LOL Seriously,Canada is one of the most sophisticated,friendly,educated,and modern countries in the world.
  • The strangest misconception I ever heard was recently on one of those real life shows. A woman from Orange County California actually asked a Canadian if she spoke "Canadian" when she wasn't in the U.S. How ignorant is that? Canadians speak English just like Americans do. I was so hoping she would ask her if she spoke American when she was at home.
    • Cats & Dolphins
      Americans are ignorant about anything that is not American.
  • that we live in Igloos and mud hut and log that we say "RUFF" instead of "ROOF" and that we say "ABOOT" istead of "ABOUT" We do say EH! alot tho, thats not a missconception, lol but it just kinda slips out lol you dont realize what you said untill youve said it.
  • Well none here, eh.
  • Rick Mercer says it all!
  • i hear theres a saskwatch
  • that they are good at playing ice-hockey. :D (sorry, could not resist)
  • Sure: Canada: The poor guys France Canada: America's Hat Canada: has one road but two languages Wherever you go in the world, you just have to say you

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