• To most people, it seems that he's looking for Aerith, but in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, there's a conversation with Aerith and Sora, and Aerith telling him that Cloud's not looking for her, but for Sephiroth. The reason Cloud's looking for Sephiroth is that Sephiroth is Cloud's 'darkness' and the only way Cloud can wake up from his 'nightmare' is to make sure Sephiroth doesn't exist. That's what was said during the battle between Sephiroth and Cloud.
  • in the original version he is looking for areis. If you beat the game and watch the credits you will see areis at hallow bastion and cid takes cloud there and they talk( you cant hear them because of the music).
  • in KH 1 he is looking for aerith, but in KH 2 he is looking sepheroth

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