• Of course, in moderation and being certain her children are well taken care of.
  • In my opinion I think that a mother should mot be out partying like a wild woman while she has children at home. If it's a little get together that she has been invited to by one of her friends, that's something different. But to go out clubbing every weekend, getting pissy drunk, trying to find the hottest guy. That's a bit to much. Having children should have matured you.
  • It's any adults choice what they do with their life, but I think it's in poor judgment to put partying and alcohol before your children. I can see having a break and letting go every once in a while so as not to go crazy, but I agree with the other posters- moderation, and no heavy partying every weekend when you have children at home who need love and affection.
  • Hell yes!! Responsibly of course, not all the time, and for goodness a sitter!!
  • Yes, they are entitled to let their hair down and enjoy themselves on occasion. Of course, they need to be responsible and make sure their kids are well cared for and not to go overboard so they can't take care of the kids in the morning. They work hard at being a mother. They are entitled to time off and fun just like anyone who works hard at their job.
  • i think so yes but not as often or not as hard as if u were single. u have to be a role model as well.
  • Yes, of course! Everyone deserves to let loose sometimes! She just needs to make sure she takes responsiblity for other parts of her life and doesn't over do it with the partying.
  • why not, as long as your taking care of you children and they are your first priority. You are allowed to have fun, just don't bring the craziness into your children's life.
  • Absolutely.
  • as long as they have a good babysitter, i dont see why not

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