• not wise at all. Obviously, if you are backed in a corner with no chance of escape, it's a no brainer, but if there is an option of escape, that is wiser. Cowards often resort to weapons for a reason; they are effective. No amount of skill will deflect a bullet. No amount of skill is going to repair a severed artery from a knife. Martial arts skills will improve your chances, but it is still the absolute last option you should take unless you have an absolute opening to safely disarm.
  • Personally i would think its too dangerous. then again if you were brilliant at martial arts you would have to weigh up the risks and decide if it was more worth fighting or not fighting. In most cases there would be a better way to resolve it. if you want adrenaline there are other sports you could try out which involve hard core fighting with people that some people do practice, obviously not to the point of death though :P
  • Unless you have no escape at all, its not wise. I am assuming the opponent is at least armed with a true weapon, and skilled in its use. An unskilled opponent with a staff, sai or similar weapon would be no match, and likely to injure himself with no intervention.
  • Only if you are bulletproof monk.
  • I have an orange belt in akido, judo, and ju-jitsu. You could take me out with a well aimed rock. There were 3 people in my old class that I think would actually be successful in fending off an attacker if they came at them with a weapon (as long as it wasn't a gun). I really don't think it would be a wise move at all to take a fist to a knife fight.
  • Not wise at all ... but still wiser than just standing still and letting an attacker use a weapon on you, without fighting back ... having a high skill may mean you are able to do so with success, but it is never wise when there is another way ...
  • If they are armed you run, there is no shame in running from an attacker who uses cheap tactics.
  • As a general rule of thumb, fighting isn't at all wise unless you don't have much choice.
  • One of my past boyfriends often practiced fighting three men with swords simultaneously while he was unarmed. He always beat them and was never touched by their blades, except once a blade grazed his thigh but not deeply enough to make him bleed. At a bar, a man came up behind him and hit him in the back of his head with a biily club so hard that the club broke. He turned toward his attacker and was smiling. The man with the broken club knew he was in deep trouble, and he wet his pants. If you break a club on a man's head and he grins at you, you know your life is gone. My lover also faced two men who drew pistols and beat them.
  • Fighting unarmed against an armed attacker is a matter of necessity that arises from being ill-prepared. Neither fighting unarmed against an armed attacker, nor being ill-prepared is wise. There are too many an-cun (hidden weapons) available to be caught unprepared.
  • Note that martial arts ***includes*** the use of classical weapons (read "classical" as "not firearms"). I assume you mean: an unarmed martial artist vs. someone who is armed. Obviously you avoid such a confrontation if circumstances permit. An unarmed expert in martial arts can fare well against someone using a classic weapon who is NOT expert. But against a classical weapon in the hands of an expert, the unarmed martial artist is obviously at a disadvantage.
  • Its never wise to fight... at all!
  • never wise
  • How skilled is your opponent? Why would you assume the person you're going against can't use that weapon effectively? The human body is one of the weakest and least athletic among meat eaters. We're total sh-- in a fight. That's why we use weapons. They're force multipliers. You should never take them for granted.
  • never wise

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