• 1. Spend some on friends and family. 2. Invest some in poker and try to turn pro. 3. Buy a House or Condo. 4. Buy a car. 5. Invest in a buisness to make more and keep it coming so I can continue to help my friends and family. 2 minutes, 4 if you count me having to retype my answers.
  • Property, education, health and a good holiday.
  • 10 million dollars worth of gold bars (3 seconds)
  • ... in less than a second, my answer is to not spend any it ... invest it at 36 % interest per year ... buy tax liens from Chicago county, they are backed and guaranteed by the U.S. federal government ... being a holder of a tax lien means you are the very first in line to foreclose if the land owner fails to pay you your investment plus 36 % ... he either pays or you own the entire property and can sell it as low as you want, just to get your money plus profit back ... you are first in line to foreclose, even ahead of the mortgage holder, so if the deed holder does not pay, often the mortgage holder will pay the extra 36 % just to make sure they do not loose the entire building to a tax lien holder ... tax liens are about the best legal solid investment, if you think 36 % per year is enough ... ... this way, I get a little over 3 thousand dollars every year that I keep repeating this ...
  • I would pay off my credit card bill. After all the illness and copayments in our family, it is out of control. If that weren't allowed, if it had to be new spending, I'd either use it to put a new foundation and floor under the back room of my house, or I'd use it for a down payment on a new car.
  • 1- financial advisor 2- long vacation 3- gifts to a few close friends/relatives 4- investments 5- business start-up
  • $10M in fixed-rate (4.5-5% interest) 30 year bonds.
  • 10,000,000 one dollar lottery tickets. Took me as long to think it as type it.
  • 5,000,000 to the wife (have a good life), a cabin lakeside in the mountains, a medium sized RV, 1,000,000 in some sort of charity 1,000,000 to each of my daughters and the rest in an interest bearing bank account from which I could draw funds.
  • Split it 7 ways and buy a condo on Waikiki with our share!
  • How about 10 seconds. Buy beach-front property in Malibu.
  • House/car/cottage for daughter Cottage/car for me Acreage in northern Ontario Investments Soup up my pension Balance to be split among my daughter and grandchildren upon my death
  • 1)donate to charity 2)get a deadjournal 3)buy some fries 4)laptop!!!!! 5)convertable 6)dog food 7)house

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