• let her win most of the time but dont make it seem obvious...every now and then win just by a little bit, and make it seem like you were actually trying. i dont think that its a good thing or a bad thing
  • you should let her win like every 2/3 games, cause everybody likes to win but if they think they are the best at something and then lose, that sorta makes you wanna give up cause you might realise how bad you might have been.
  • you should let her win like every 2/3 games, cause everybody likes to win but if they think they are the best at something and then lose, that sorta makes you wanna give up cause you might realise how bad you might have been.
  • I'd have to say that letting your granddaughter win too much may not teach her 1) the actual game, 2) the spirit of competition and 3) the art of losing graciously. Even in their simplist forms, a person can't be too young to learn those basic tenets. By not letting your granddaughter win most of the time (unless she gets really good), you're teaching her that you respect playing with her and want to teach her correclty. Winning is a good ego booster, but knowing how to compete and lose to your adversary is just as valuable, if not more so. I come from a very competitive family, so your view may be different, but I always found it a healthy environment, wherein losing taught me to strive harder and learn more.
  • You should, because she is still young and learning from experiences. However, you need to start setting benchmarks and help her realize the fact that winning is not everything, and sometimes going to extremes to excel at something can make her lose friends and integrity among her friends.
  • Its never to early to build character, especially in a child. if she loses, let her lose. it teaches that in her future life, there will always be downfalls and a person cannot be a winner 100% of the time. My wife and i played numerous games with our children and grandchildren. we raised them all. if they lost a game, so be it. You gotta be tough! Grandpa, you will not take my answer to heart. Talk is cheap, letting babies win is just what grandparents do.
  • five is old enough to learn that the world dont revolve around her cuz if youlet her have her way all the ltime then she wil grow up to be one of those spoiled brats that everyone hates. but thats just me
  • Sometimes but make sure she loses occasionally too and make it fun even if she loses. That way she will learn a sense of taking it lightly. For example "Yay, grandma won this time! Wow, I really thought you were going to get me again!!"
  • If you tried to compete seriously with the child, then you would simply make her upset. By allowing you and her equal victories, or her more even, she will be happy and so will you at her happiness.
  • You should let her win because then it will make her more confident and she can do more things. You let her win most of the time but then you start playing for real.
  • How is that gonna teach her of her own limitations and how to improve herself. Do you really want to go through the embarassment of her throwing a giant strop at Sports Day in front of the other kids and their Mothers? Letting her win on certain occasions might help soften things up, but don't get into the habit of it.
  • Kids that age usually do not win a lot so I see nothing wrong with letting her win a lot of the time. Builds confidence. But she should also be allowed to lose as well so she will learn to be a good sport and realize that we can't always win.
  • Letting her win will build her confidence, which is a good thing. Just don't let her become so competetive that she can't accept not always winning. Make sure to teach her how to be a good loser as well as a winner.
  • I let my kids win at games. Not always though. I think they have to learn how to win and lose.
  • I always let my grandson win when he was that age. He's 13 now, quarterback & captain of his football team, and a very good sport.
  • Gran are you going to let me win at any games???? hehe :P
  • I wouldn't. That's a matter of opinion, though. On the other hand, I wouldn't be doing a victory dance or anything, I'd be encouraging and teach the kid to shrug off the loss and try again.
  • It's okay to let her win, but she should lose sometimes. Learning how to deal with losing is one of the key building blocks to growing up that shouldn't be overlooked. When life hands you lessons at such a young age, not only will it help her to become a great individual later in life, but it will also make her a stronger person. Once she understands that it's not all about winning, the less likely that she will become depressed and let down later in her life when she hits a brick road. So, it can really teach her a lot more than you would realize.
  • Make her nearly win untill you see she is gettin bored then let her win. Then she will see that by trying she has acheived something.
  • I would let her win... you can REALLY play when she gets a bit older, when she's better and less likely to get angry about losing.

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