• Having taught Kindergarten, yes - its true.
  • No way. I have worked with people with developmental disabilities. Some genes have no genius in them Suby.
  • so thats what happened...
  • Having taught middle school and high school,..No. This is another social agenda BS study that some little would-be Sociology graduates cooked up for an MS project. It is total BS, but MS degrees in Sociology and Psychology are handed out like candy now from universities that know better, but sold their academic respectability a long time ago...for "political correctness" ...and money. And then it goes Phd. (Piled higher and deeper).
  • Really? there was a study that said babies who go, goo goo ga ga are geniuses? I find that hard to believe but it they say it's so then it must be...I think being a genius is just more than brain power, it's a combination of life experiences and a certain type of environment that helps with the growth of knowledge...But that's just me and I could be way off base here...
  • The website and book appear to be the work of Burt GOldman, who calls himself the American Monk. His qualifications for this "study" include: * Wrote several books and got one published * Took up photography and got one of his works in the Oklahoma International Photography Hall of Fame * Took up painting and set up an art website * Taught himself to sing, and even released a CD * Set up a new business That being the case, I am as qualified as he is. I've had three kids, and did my best to rear each equally. Two were quite ordinary in intelligence, and one is a certified genius who independently learned to read before he was 2 years old. So I'm not buying that poor parenting causes genius to be lost in most kids.
  • All kids are born with potential and inherent talents. Unfortunately, by the time they finish public or private school, their talents are stifled or bored out of them. Exceptional ones excel. The problem is that some of them have to be protected from overzealous parents.
  • Isn't a genius based on IQ, which is based on average results for your age group. If it is the case, it is impossible for everyone in any age group to be a genius. However, I am not doubting that children are very smart, I am merely stating that they can't ALL be 'geniuses'
  • Of course not. Some children are born retarded/brain damaged, some children are born with Downs syndrome or other abnormalities, some children are stillborn. It only takes one example to disprove your premise of "ALL children, and that was several.
  • I don't believe that at all! {Impossible} kids can't even talk, read or possibly know anything about math, science, history etc. total BS
  • Yes, I do agree but what their genius at sometimes goes ignored.
  • Not only no, but hell no.
  • The study is flawed and would you be so kind to tell me who conducted this study?
  • weird. cause it's been given to me to understand that my genius+ IQ was "caused" by a scar on the left temporal lobe, in turn caused AFTER birth by a febrile seizure and coma. so much of our lot in life is accidental, coming and going.
  • Well, obviously my 2 oldest kids weren't part of that study.
  • I would love to know what the results of this "study" is based on. I don't believe it for one minute and I don't think any rational person would believe it either.

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