• I've heard in ninja clans, they would have a kid plant a stalk of corn and jump over it everyday. As it grew so would thier jump. If they broke the stalk they would have to start over. (just lots of practice jumping)
  • also do some reseach on the best parts of your feet to use or postition to start in
  • G'day jjjjjj, Thank you for your question. The best way is practice. There are also training devices available. I have attached links to sites offering information on drills you might use. You might also want to ask your coach for some advice. Regards Basketball lifetips The Jumpshooter Shaun Livingston Q and A Powerbasketball
  • The exercises that college and professional athletes use to gain greater explosive power (higher jumping) are called plyometric exercises. Do a search on "plyometric" and you'll find a lot of information. Two cautions...First, you need to be in very good physical condition to do plyometrics or you risk injury. Also, the ability to jump high is largely determined by the amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers in your muscles, which has a strong genetic component (hence the phrase "White men can't jump"). You can always improve with training, but your ultimate ceiling is determined by your physiology. . Good luck . .
  • working out your jumping muscles in other words your calf...i've been working muscle mass on it and i've notice improvments in my hops so if you do strength training with your calf you will increase your hops i hope i helped
  • Trampoline.....?
  • Pretend there is a hundred on the ceiling, you'll get it eventually!
  • practice polymetric exercises in you legs...calf raises, squats, and single leg squats are some polymetric exercises i think....if you do them regularly you should be jumping higher soon. here are some links that should help
  • buy some Jumpsoles and work on polymetric exercises and i guarantee youll will jump higher
  • Climb a ladder
  • you either need stronger legs or a lighter body
  • PF Flyers bro.
  • This is a program by a certified strength coach. He basically does all the hard work. All you have to do is figure out where abouts you are in strength/power, and follow the routines hes set up for you. Theres even an exact nutrition plan, which makes life even easier. The thing that sets this apart from ANY OTHER SYSTEM though is that he offers COMPLETELY FREE AND UNLIMITED ONE TO ONE COACHING!!! I couldn't believe it. My vertical exploded by 10inches in 12 weeks after I followed his program. Good luck bro :)
  • You can jump higher on the trampoline

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