• I don't think alcohol is the answer to anything, but that's just my opinion!
  • Hardly, it causes more pain than it fixes. It's not about a short term fix to be happy, it's about finding a way to fix things so that you can always be happy with no consequence. And sometimes, depending on the person, alcohol just makes you more depressed or violent.
  • The answer to escaping reality for a while anyway. There is a price, always a cost.
  • sometimes, when your so deep it may cheer you up/ loosen you up to have fun. this goes for people that don't usually drink at all and ofcourse i mean in moderation. but on general no. i don't think so.
  • ...Idk bout that....I know some pretty unhappy drunks....
  • the alcohol can make you happy when you want to enjoy getting wasted but if your doing it to feel no worries or pain it will help you cry it all out
  • No not at all, some people like an occasional drink to help them relax while others like myself relax with an occasional drink! :-/
  • Um, it sure does help you yo not feel so down.
  • Happy or Sad, with Liquor it's good.
  • maybe temporary, but in long run no
  • Alcohol can sometimes provide a numbing affect and take away your worries and make you more carefree, confident and chilled out. However alcohol also tends to make you feel depressed. Your mood tends to dip though not while drunk but during or after the hangover. After a heavy session of drink the mood can be lowered for upto one week after the alcohol is consumed. Increased anxiety and irrability may occur also as a reaction to the alcohol leaving the system (alcohol withdrawal). This increased depression and anxiety which was origionally caused by the alcohol may cause the drinker to drink again in order to releive the symptoms however this will only fuel the symptoms to reoccur. If you drink heavy every day then the brain will not know how to function well without alcohol and if you withdraw from it cold turkey it could cause a range of physical and mental problems. Achoholics need to cut it down progressively over a length of time.
  • No not at all :D
  • Maybe at a certain moment it is, like when you go out with your friends and have a few drinks along with a good time but if you mean drinking alcohol for the sake of becoming nondepressed or something to that effect then no...
  • No I used to be very very happy but I do not drink alcohol.
  • That's like one of my questions for smoking (Check it Out). And no, alcohol doesn't make you happy.
  • Alcohol is a depressant.
  • No, not in the short or long term. It's just a mask, it's artificial, like fake flowers. Real life smells sweetest.
  • The numbing effect can be a substitute for happiness, for sure. If you don't care about anything, how can you not be happy ... until you are sober gain, of course :-)
  • Sometimes it works that way for me, but I've learned that I can only drink so often, otherwise it can bring me down.
  • No alcohol is a depressant, a downer, my aunt is a alcoholic and everytime she gets drunk she cries.
  • Yes. Im not joking. Alcohol is an amazing way to be happy, if you drink for the right reasons. Even if you dont drink for the right reasons, alcohol can make you feel great. Theres nothing better when your feeling down than a few nice shots of liquor.
  • No, you will be more depressed after you come off it..
  • Absolutely not. It will only bring you and the ones you are close to more pain.
  • Not if you are an angry drunk!
  • Pretty much! :) HIiiiiccc.............
  • NO... everyone who searches too far ahead cannot buy happiness... money cannot buy happiness and searching for it is not like solving a mathematical formula getting the correct answer is happiness all you have to do is do what you love and be true to yourself maybe they found it on alcohol because being under the influence on alcohol helps a lot of people not be afraid or not be shy to be who they are they are more braver,,, but you cannot always rely on taking something like this better to have it natural high in short, alcohol is a catalyst for people to be happy not the actual answer to feeling it...
  • I see I was DR for saying that alcohol is a escape from reality. Would like to change my reply to say that it is the way to go and may want to add some drugs and a high bridge. Thanks

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