• That's something I always ask, but no one will answer. I know barren couples, couples who don't want kids, and my widowed mom and stepdad were married in their 50s. I'd like to know if those who insist that marriage is only for procreation will honestly answer that one!
  • Haha, that is an excellent point. I cant answer this because I believe any two consenting adults should be able to marry.
  • Good question; lots of points for all to gain hierarchy. BTW - Betty Bowers rocks! (pls see vid)
  • Because many are hypocrites.
  • Great question. Never thought of it that way.
  • Because the Nazis tried to do this, and it is bad for your argument to look like a Nazi. Husbands were encouraged to divorce their post-menopausal or barren wives for younger, fertile women. Also, nobody was allowed to even discuss birth control because refusing to have children for the state was considered anti-patriotism. And of course, the Nazis sterilized & euthanized homosexuals (not to mention women who were considered "unfit" to breed - those with what were percieved as physically, mentally, or even dispositionally abnormal). All for the sake of procreation.

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