• I loved "Knocked Up". That was funny as hell (though I didn't know it was a "guy comedy". "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" was also good. It's not on your list, but I also really enjoyed "Role Models". I laughed my ass off watching that one. (I don't know if that one counts as a "guy comedy" either.)
  • Of those ones you mention I haven't seen Knocked Up and didn't really like Old School. Talladega Nights, 40 year old Virgin and Blades of Glory were good but not as good as the other three. I think if I had to choose I'd say 1) Dodgeball 2) Superbad 3) Anchorman (in order of goodness)
  • It's gotta be Old School
  • I think "guy" comedies are for some guys, not all, and not too many gals. They can get a bit raunchy and kinda silly and maybe even verge on really low-brow (to put it kindly)..not exactly what I look for in entertainment. The only one I saw (and that was on TV) was The 40-Year-Old-Virgin and it was a one-joke movie and I got the joke right away. Jim didn't really enjoy it that much either. I guess that kind of humor isn't our kind of humor! :)
  • i havent seen old school! gonna see it next w/e but! i had to think about talladega knights and blades of glory... recently though i have seen the true awesome ness of blades of glory! love it! all of those who havent watch it! its got soo many laugh out loud moments!
  • To be honest..........none of them really 'Do it' for me......
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin.
  • Has to be Dodgeball, White Goodman is one of the funniest comic baddies of all time!
  • I'd say Knocked up first and 40 year old virgin second, Superbad third. They are hilarious but they are also fairly realistic storylines.

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