• I guess its your choice :-)
  • You can be buried next to anyone you want ... just make sure it's in your will or tell someone about your wishes. There's no law saying where you have to be buried ... married or not.
  • i've never been one to complain about threesomes.
  • See, that is the thing. I dont think I would ever remarry, cuz it causes some confusion for me. If I love one man, and he dies...and he was my heart, but then fall again for another...then where will my heart be. I suppose everything would work out for the best, but I dont think I could love...or wanna love another. He would be my 1, and only. And I think I could be happy, by myself.
  • Usually its the first, but if you want to be with the second its fine...Maybe you can get a huge lot and all of you can be buried together...LOLs...Just cremate its much simplar and spead the ashes near the ocean...
  • There are a few things to think about in this situation, who did you love most, who did you have the most sex with, who did you have the best sex with, screw it, I will be buried next to my mistress. LOL.
  • There is no telling. Funeral homes are deceiving people all the time. Many ocassion the body never makes it to the hole.
  • Cremation solves that dilemma.
  • Presently I don't have a spouse plus I will be cremated and my ashes spread somewhere on parts unknown to anyone.
  • The third wife. I usually wear them out after about 20 years.
  • You decide. Put it in your Will.
  • Whichever one I was happier with.
  • I think you decide.. but one of your spouses will be insulted.. (or their memory will, anyways) either you picked the new over the old, or you still loved
  • Well I believe that marriage is sacred. You should at least try your hardest to stay with that one person you vowed to love the rest of your life. All the way to the grave. If I fall in love or lust with someone else once he dies I will not remarry to this one. I will be barried next to my late husband once I go.
  • That is a good question! When my mom died my dad actually bought a double headstone so that when he died he knew he would be buried right next to my mom,even though he was a bigamist plus he had a mistress. Yeah now every time I visit my moms grave I have to see his name right next to her. Makes me sick.
  • Whoever you choose to be buried next to. My uncle remarried after his wife died. He wanted to be buried next to his first wife. He had a beautiful, loving relationship with his new wife too. She ended up donating her body to science when she died, ten years after he had, but she also considered being cremated and having her ashes buried in his grave site (about a foot down, not in the coffin). But really, there is no set rule or legality to any of it.
  • i would buy 3 plots me in the middle my deceased wife on one side and the other spouse on the other side, unless of course she remarries after i die and wants to be buried next to her new husband. but by then i will be dead and won't care.
  • regardless... who is going to bury you if you have no children?
  • Nobody Their most likely in their family graves, and so would I
  • I plan on getting married one time and one time only. There could never be anyone other than my babee. Ordained by God, an arranged marriage, the best kind. I'll go before he does anyway. that is a given.
  • That depends on how it all shakes out I would imagine it would be her choice but family has a bit to say about it as well as specially if they've already purchased the grave plots
  • Whomever you say in your will as long as there is burial space and money to cover it.
  • whoever you want to be buried next to
  • Its your choice and depends on whether there is space. Jackie Kennedy was buried next to her first husband, President Kennedy, not her second.
  • Hopefully "Ice Man", so we can chat more sh*te, for eternity.
  • How can anybody answer a question like that?
  • Why do people care so much about what happens to their lifeless remains? It's not like you get to see what happens to you or you get to protest if someone doesn't do what you want. If I get vaporized by an atom bomb, it's not like there will be anything left to bury or anyone left to care anyway. Take all of the effort you put into thinking about this and think about things you want to do while you are alive instead. Let the people grieving over you after you are gone (if you're lucky enough to have them) decide what is most effective for them when the time comes. My two cents.

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