• Rename it China.
    • OrangeDonRump
      I'd celebrate. Next time I run for President, I wouldn't have to lie to everyone about being religious anymore and hold Bibles upside down for the camera!
    • Victorine
      Religion is not banned in China. It's simply under state regulation. Recently, the state has been promoting traditional Chinese religion over foreign imports. Even the Soviet Union didn't end up banning religion. Like the Chinese, the Soviets co-opted it. In Cuba under Castro, Roman Catholicism remained popular. It wasn't banned.
  • Would your great country become greater?
  • Even though I'm not particularly religous, and I often think that religions can be quite silly, I think it would be a cultural tragedy, as well as a blow to our rights.
  • I would move. That's taking away one of our rights, "The freedom of religion". Isn't that one of the reasons why the USA was founded in the first place?
    • OrangeDonRump
      It would also put a lot of people into a panic. Weak-minded people need religion.
  • Religion provides a comfort zone in the mind for those who feel uncertain.
  • It would certainly have a huge impact on a large group of people who need that religion in order to just get up in the morning and all the power to them, but as far as I am concerned, it has no impact on me and I could care less...
  • Banning ANYTHING, won't do anybody any good, especially religion. However, our world needs to quickly realize that religion is a plague to us all. It will most certainly destroy humanity before any natural disaster does.
  • I would probably find a place to go lay low until the war was over.
  • Imagine a world with a single or no religion >>> Much closer to peace.
  • I'm agnostic and always have been but I would probably leave or... I dunno. Not a great sign when governments outlaw religion. Root of that is usually a desire on the part of a government to destroy any competitors for the people's loyalty or other influence on their thoughts and values. Demonstrates a desire by the government in question to utterly own and control their populace, to become the only and unambiguously highest authority in all aspects of life. Not good.
  • I'd celebrate. it should be banned. word to your mother.
  • Move there.
  • Rejoice. Celebrate. Party. Enjoy. Be happy
  • I would be concerned. Banning something as personal religion is a sign of an extremely repressive government. My first thought would be wondering what was being banned next. Despite being free of the religious wackos, I would likely move before they got around to banning people who post on AB.
  • It depends. I think banning a religion is going against the basic fundaments of our Constitution and ideals. I wouldn't have much of a problem with eliminating "religion status" in regards to tax recognition, because I think Churches are often run like businesses and shouldn't be exempt just because they're a religion. My personal feelings about it really stem from cults like Scientology more than Christians passing a collection plate, but I still think that people should be allowed to think and believe whatever they want, but I see no reason to treat any religion is special or exempt.
  • I'd move to a different country (and I'm not even religious).
  • Government banning religion is a little to close to having a socialist Government. Supposedly we don't and never will have one so I'd have to leave if this ever happened. I'd move to Ireland.
  • I'd say now let's ban guns
  • Fine by me. I don't follow one.
  • id praise the lord, pun intended
  • well if it was simlyey banning nothing as I'm in the UK but persecution I would go save my gf
  • I would not like that at all because that would be taking away freedom from citizens. I'd much rather our citizens become smart enough to do away with religion voluntarily.
  • Never happen. I'd shake my head if it did. If you ban something suddenly it becomes desirable. Witness Alcohol.
  • nothing would change or effect me having a hard time trying to figure out what i believe in now without sounding like an atheist mom and her pastor push religion on me so much i pulled far away probably would be less confused
  • Yes. How I love our great country. I'm so glad we're all Americans.
  • I'd protest. It might not affect me any, but my kids have the right to choose any religion they want.
  • it would not phase my personal relationship in the least....but it would be a horrible thing for every citizen of this FREE bad the government had gotten in destroying Americans RIGHTS and we ALLOWED them!!! i don't mean to be ugly but its just to make one see and the only thing I can, at the moment come up with at the momeent: What would any person do if they were banned from a PART of their lifestyle....buddhism, homosexuality, singing, laughing, writing?? thatsJustme
  • home church, byotch! I'd keep my Bible next to my gun. I'd assume I'd need them at the same time.
  • It'd be the best thing that our nation has done. It'll end so much hatred among people, so much drama, so much conflicts. Everyone will unite and fight for their rights... ...Like that'll ever happen.
  • Quickly sell all my media stock and my 2010 "Final Four" tickets. Banning the freedom press, speech, and assembly would be next.
  • That should have been done years ago, but to late now. The cat is out of the bag.
  • I would rejoice.Then we could see who the pretenders are,and who is really saved.The thing is,it's coming soon.
  • I’m an atheist, but I have a much bigger aversion to swastikas’, hammers and sickles, and single gold stars with a red background
  • I'd do nothing, as I am not religious
  • Wait about a day for the Supreme Court to strike down the unconstitutional law.
  • Despite the paranoid ravings of the religious, that will never happen. Religion isn't banned in China either. Seems some people here have been fed a pile of lies.
  • I would worship God loud and proud anyway
  • I'd be very upset. We are supposed to be constitutionally guaranteed freedom to practice whatever religion we choose. Even though I follow no religion, I would be happy to protest any government action toward such tyranny.
  • I guess I'd mourn the death of our bill of rights. The free practice of religion is important enough that it was the 1st amendment added to the constitution.
  • That would require amending the Constitution, and that's an amendment that would never be ratified. Freedom of religion is one of the cornerstones of the nation's foundation.
  • I don't live in the USA so it wouldn't affect me, but your founding fathers were freemasons linked to the UK lodges, and they believe in the Great Work or Magnum Opus as seen in the apotheosis of George Washington. The. Washington Monument the phallic symbol of Osirius, inside the vesica pisces (Isis), Goddess Althea on the Capitol building (goddess of wisdom, trickery and freemasonry), Albert Pike mentions the Kabbalah over 70 times in Morals and Dogma, so somehow I don't think it would happen.
  • I would consider moving to the USA!😆

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