• Yes, tee shirts. Can't have too many tee shirts.
  • No, I try to avoid the clutter. Maybe some pictures, but the vacation will live on in my memories.
  • No, they don't get me stuff.
  • I used to all the time! Funny you ask this ... but after I realized they just turned into junk that ended up in a drawer, I just take pictures now instead!!
  • Definitely. My most favorite souvenirs are one 'elephant' made in sandal wood and a replica of snake boat I bought from Kerala, the southern part of India
  • Yes, usually in the form of a coin.
  • Yes, we used to buy something for everyone, too expensive and hard to get it all home. Once we had to buy an extra suitcase. Now I only get for my kids and granddaughter. Oh and myself, of course.
  • sometimes,when i am not starving
  • Unless it's something exquisite (read expensive), the souvenirs that time, money and effort have been spent on always seem to vanish (never used, out of sight, probably thrown away)so it's a waste. I rather get them chocolate or something from the duty free shop.
  • I try to bring back a few goodies for some of our friends. Regardless of whether they end up in the trash or the junk drawer, the thoughtfulness, time and effort seem to be appreciated. And that is the whole point, isn't it?
  • in recent years I have bought myself books as souvenirs - books which were written in the area I am visiting. I had a trip round New England, where I bought Nathaniel Hawthorne in the "house of the seven gables", Mark Twain at Mark Twain's house, Longfellow in the Harvard Bookshop - which is just opposite Longfellow's house, Robert Frost in New Hampshire etc.. Nice way to have useful souvenirs.
  • Yes, my friends and family almost expect it. It is usually t-shirts or keyrings or something unique to that country.

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