• Don't know, don't care. Don't wear a wedding ring. It's in a medicine cabinet... I know I am married.
  • My inability to separate my ring fingers has what exactly to do with divorce? Nice simile. But it has no bearing on reality. Wearing a ring on the finger is a pagan tradition that is traced back to the Romans, who used the ring as a symbol of eternity and that there was a nerve that ran from the finger to the heart.
  • Traditionally, in India, the fourth finger in the right hand is considered the cleanest of all fingers. The fourth finger is also known as the ring finger for this reason. I am not sure how many of the younger generation are aware of this tradition.
  • I've always heard it's because the vein from that finger takes blood to and from the heart........but I've never investigated whether it's true or not!! sounds good, though, huh?

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