• i believe you can purchase creams for removing it at chemists etc
  • It's almost impossible. The only known way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to reduce overall body fat by altering diet or exercise, although it may remain visible even on very slim women. Read here:
  • Strengthening and toning the muscle underneath the area. Building the muscle underneath so that the layer of cellulite thins out as the muscle gets firmer.
  • Cellulite is fat visible in the folds of the skin. To reduce this you must reduce your overall body fat. You can do this by diet and/or exercise. The main thing is to burn more calories than you take in. If you don't have much time for exercise then reduce the amount of calories you consume (remember to also reduce the amount of calories from fat). Then try to do some toning exercises to help strengthen your muscles and shape your body. Good Luck!
  • You can't. Or at least, not without invasive surgical treatments. Cellulite is something most women past the age of about fourteen have to some degree or another (seriously even catwalk models have it - I've seen!) and a normal part of the way the body deposits fat- it definitely doesn't mean you're overweight or unhealthy. We need to carry fat on our bodies - unfortunately the body thinks it's a great idea to carry it underneath loose skin fibres so it all pokes out and looks gross. Losing weight is unlikely to help - even stick thin anorexics often have cellulite - although a healthy diet never hurts your looks, crash low fat diets are likely to damage your skin tone and make the cellulite look even worse. The good news is that while you can't really get rid of it, you can make it LOOK a lot better. First of all, if you tone up the area so you're not carrying too much extra fat, the cellulite will seem like less of a big deal (whilst like I said, thin women have it, it tends to be less immediately obvious when your slim, toned and athletic). Hiking, hill-walking, cycling and swimming breaststroke are all good things to add in to your exercise routine. Individual exercises that may help include lunges, leg lifts and walking on your bottom (also quite good fun!) Secondly, try dry skin brushing. The theory is that it aids lymphatic drainage and helps circulation which speeds up the dispersal of fatty deposits. I'm convinced it does make a significant difference. Buy a large firm bristle brush and using long, firm strokes brush your whole body in the direction of your heart for around five minutes before your bath or shower. Don't expect miracles, but you should see some improvement in three or four weeks. Thirdly - look after your skin. Most women spend ages tending their facial skin and neglect the rest. Cellulite won't disappear from good skin - but healthy, glowing well-moisturised skin will show the dimples much less. (It will also make them seem less important in context!). A healthy diet is important obviously - plenty of fruit and veg, and make sure you drink plenty of water. Exfoliate a few times a week using a loofah or scrub, and use a simple moisturiser if you need it. Be aware that the "firming" body lotions on the market only have a temporary lifting effect. They're good to use if you're going on the beach, but don't expect permanent results. Fourthly - and I'm adding this tentatively. There is an argument that cellulite is increased by the body storing "toxins" resulting from our modern lifestyles - stress hormones, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods. There's no real evidence this is the case. (And probably the best way to reduce your stress hormones is to stop worrying about cellulite!) But the main solution: cut down your alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed food and deep fried stuff, drink more water, don't smoke and try and relax a bit more - is definitly not going to hurt you. finally: Perhaps the best way with dealing with cellulite - just hide it! I've already mentioned firming creams - which are great for a short term fix - but the ultimate in celulite hiding is a tan. Fake or real - darker skin shows the shadows of dimpled skin less, so your cellulite will appear reduced just by you changing colour. Clothes wise consider lower cut bikini bottoms, or a sarong, if you have a lot of celulite be careful about thin clingy trousers in summer too. There are plenty of clothes that cover that area but are still sexy-looking. Remember the miracle lotions and potions on the market that claim to get rid of cellulite are unlikely to reduce anything more than your bank balance. And also remember - it's probably nowhere near as bad as you think - we tend to scrutinise ourselves in the mirror and over-emphasise how noticable something like this is. Ask your partner/ boyfriend/ husband if he minds it - they'll probably look a bit bewildered and say "what cellulite?"
  • Lose weight.
  • Divorce yo...

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