• yes, it gives great experience for later in life if the relationship dosn't work out
  • no, Im not even quite sure its possible to have a serious relationship that young. there is no way there is enough experience at that age to deal with serious emotional barriers quite yet.
  • No. Such relationships are superficial and often motivated by a desire to fit in. I do not believe it is possible to have a meaningful relationship at this age.
  • Yes it's good practice for later in life.
  • No. Hell no. Because it's usually a first relationship for each. They should be making a lot of relationships (dating, friendships, friends, whatever) and not locking onto any one person until they know themselves a lot better than they do at this age. (I know they think they know everything at that age; it takes them a few more to realize how wrong that conceit is.)
  • No, definetly not. Because at that age, your entire life is still left. Enjoy being young, don't take on the responsibility of a serious relationship (that includes a relationship with sex involved, save yourself (this goes for all young people) for that true love you will find as you mature and find yourself ready to share your life with another person. Enjoy your younger years, serious things come soon enough.
  • NO! I think its too easy to get caught up in unhealthy situations this way because of lack of experience. I think its better to date(not sleep) around first. This way you get a feel for what you like and dont like and get to have a good time while coming into your own. Besides, those are like the best years of your life, why waste them being tied down with someone? Hope this helps!!
  • I do. Because they are good learning experience and just a great experience and they're good when they last as they give you something to always be happy with and proud of. Something to be able to look back on and think "I didn't do too badly." or whatever. And they're just great fun and good for you when they work. Also I wouldn't recommend them because at the age of 15-16 some people aren't the most emotionally and mentally stable, and having a failed relationship like that will really not end well and can get in the way of many things like school and other friends and previous commitments such as sports.
  • No, not at all. Simply for the reason that, at that age, the majority of kids (yes, they are STILL kids) have no real sense of responsibility. They are not mature enough for the committment, reasoning, and trust that are ESSENTIAL for "serious relationships." To put it figuratively, "Yes, the plumbing may be in, but the house is not ready to be occupied!"
  • No, I have been there and done that and most teenagers are not capable of knowing what they really want at that age. They are too immature to make serious decisions like that.
  • Depends on the person, but it seems to me like 15 year olds are usually to immature for a serious relationship.
  • no because these are years to develope a career to set you up for the rest of your life, also to have fun and that doesn't happen when your babysitting 24/7.
  • no, i don't recommend it...your brain isn't fully developed yet.
  • god no, live a little first!
  • I think it depends on what you consider to be a serious relationship, how far you want to go, and your maturity level. Someone who is 15 or 16 can have a serious relationship, some people even get married at that age. It really depends on the person. Consider your ethics and what your parents think about it. They may have some good points although it might just seem like they are hating on you, usually parents just want whats best for their children. I had serious ralationships at that age and i experienced joy and pain. Most importantly I experienced it. By the time I got into my 20's I knew how to recongnize all kinds of b.s. games guys play. So if you do want to get into a relationship right now, keep in my it might not go a smoothly as you would like. It's a risk, but your ready get to know the person as much as you can first!
  • It depends on the two individuals ... if thats your thing? >>> then do it! ... learning about love should not be governed ... It's not a gun, yet in some places you can have one ... Enjoy your lifetime is what you should do. >♥<
  • It varies from person to person, but teenagers are naive and suppose to be innocent at that age. Trying to be an adult comes with adult consequences and people get hurt.Everything is a big deal at that age and when such a relationship does not work out this teenagers world falls apart where this could have been easily avoided. I would say get to know each other and if you are serious about one another then you would be prepared to wait until you are 18 or older. This wait will also be proof of true love.
  • It isn't something I recommend as such - because I think that priorities should probably be elsewhere - studies, having fun with friends etc... making the most of being young and carefree. However, that isn't to say that serious relationships at that time are all bad. I was with my first serious boyfriend aged 15-20, and it did me no harm at all... I still got my degree, still had lots of fun. My sister too, her relationship actually did her big favours. I don't reject anything outright but I wouldn't promote it.
  • NO CHANCE!!!!!!! Relationships are a pain in the a$$ and more than that, they're like a full time job, they need lots and lots of work. Save that for the grown- ups who sometimes still don't have it right.
  • Neither I have the authority,nor the desire to recommend anyone about anything as no one would listen.. . Keeping aside relationships people do far more serious stuffs like,smoking,drug intake and drinking at that tender age and brag about those things in later life.It's almost become a trend now a days and even in the days before, to start all early to boost an ego in later life.So it's upto people to choose and learn and some do never learn.
  • No I do not. You have your whole life to fall in love. You are only young once. You need to have fun and be a child. Live your young adult life with no ties.
  • As much as I hate to say it, no. These relationships are all based on infatuation, which is dangerous in itself, and maintained by peer pressure. You aren't fully aware of your actions and their consequences and certainly not able to enter into any kind of serious relationship. That's not to say you can't be friends with members of the opposite sex, just don't feel the need to take it that step further. When you're a child, do childish things, not pretend to be an adult. It's a part of your life you'll never be able to get back, and you should make the most of it while you can!

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