• Take away their toys and not give them back until they learn to share. lol
  • It depends on how dependent you are on attention. If your partner is not meeting your needs, find someone else. If you are happy with your partner, find your own hobby and enjoy yourself.
  • get a hobby of your own and stop waiting to be noticed by your s/o
  • Just find my own hobby. Love you AB, used to be Y/A but I am so happy I found AB! My fiance's hobby is eBay, selling and buying trading cards. I love baseball and football too (the only ones he does) so it works out pretty good. In fact, he often asks my advice on which cards to get. Because besides AB, I am also a baseball fanatic and like to know stats and prospects, veterans, hot players and hot teams. Same with football, to a lesser extent though.
  • The partner is just not THAT into you? If you don't think that is it, try filling up your time better too. There actually are hobbies out there that are fulfilling enough that you won't be counting the minutes waiting for someone to pay attention to you and you may become a little more well rounded. If this is not the case, then maybe it would be good to find someone who shares your interests. (You have interests?)
  • I would also get a hobby or a new best friend:):)
  • ...See what all the hubbub is about bub. Maybe you might enjoy the same hobbie, and you 2 can do it togather. If not....find a hobby for yourself. knive throwing, martial art, jogging, wood work, crafts, painting, poetry, literature, guitar, keyboard....something. Do something that will better yourself...and you can release with. "Meditation"
  • See if you are interested in their hobby. Get a hobby of your this site. Start inviting your partner out on dates to the movies and make an adjustment in your schedule to spend more time with your partner. When your partner is involved with the hobby at home, what does it matter. You are essentially together when the both of you are at home. The partner is really just bored because YOU dont want to spend time with them.
  • Find something to do when he is busy with his hobby. :o)
  • I would probably smoke a cigar and contemplate a new hobby for myself.
  • All I need do is tell my partner that I feel neglected, and he puts down what he's doing and pays some attention to me. However, I am not so greedy or needy that I think he should spend all his time concentrating on me, so we are both happy.
  • Get involved in her hobby. Spend time on my hobbies.
  • Wonder why I married them and find myself a hobby too.

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