• Of course... basic physics. Even a bowling ball changes shape.
  • with the help of a friend you could stick your head in a mail slot.
  • Look what the bird's stomp'n around on mine has done! I think I'm gonna have to put down some paper.... messy bugger!
  • What did he do to piss you off?... lol
  • only one way to find out....
  • Yes. But I'm considerably less certain that your brains can leak out your nose.
  • Actually you can. There was (idk if there still is) a amazonian tribe called Omagua that they would shape their foreheads flat. It was done in infancy by applying a wood plank to the forehead or wattle of reeds tied with a little cotton so as not to hurt them. Once their heads started to grow the plank would make their heads grow up rather then out and up. I think it would look a little funny! lol But yes it is possible.
  • Yes, temporarily your head could change shape, but it would take a tremendous pressure, I doubt a person would have the strength to do it. Very young babies heads are soft and not completely formed, so their heads can be permanently shaped by less pressure.

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