• I definately do. Why pay for something you can get for free? In a business world, its always better to hold out the best things for the highest bidder.
  • Much the same as why buy the pig, when you can get the sausage for free. More of a sexual connotation to both the question and my first sentence. Used to be that women would sleep with a man hoping to get him to marry them, but now days its free on both sides of the fence and women don't have to depend on a man to support them, so it doesn't apply anymore.
  • It only works if you think of yourself as a cow and that your milk is worth money. In the modern world, neither of these stands up very well.
  • I also can see a reverse side to this expression if looked at deeper. If knowledge was an analogy for milk.then that milk is just a small bit of knowledge,and why not have the cow and all knowledge at once.
  • its one of those old retarded sayings
  • I have seen "couples" who were content living together, but when it came time to pay for the cow (get married) they found there was not enough content in their relationship to justify a legal, permanent arrangement. So, the price of milk was just too high and the cow decided to explore greener pastures.
  • Kinda. This saying means to say that if you want something spesific and don't have to go through a whole lot to get it, then lucky you and don't make things harder for yourself. No need to trouble yourself with useless stuff if you want something in particular. In the case of the cow and its milk. The saying connotes that getting the milk is a lot easier and costs a lot less than having the cow. If you want just the milk, get just the milk. If you get the cow, then you have to put up with the responsibilitites of owning a cow (feeding it grooming it, etc.)
  • it depends on if you like the whole cow and enjoy her company or if you're only after the milk to begin with.
  • Well if the only reason people got married was so they could have sex this saying would be true, but the majority of people get married because they love each other and enjoy their company enough that they couldnt imagine spending their life without them.
  • I don't think so. because if the cow is giving "the milk" to many and everyone, then one should not buy the cow. but if you change it to "why buy the cow when you can get ALL the her milk for free", then I believe that is wrong, because that is not fair.
  • are you selling cattle futures again?
  • you buy the cow because you cant live on milk alone.
  • Yes, I suppose. But, imho its morally bereft.
  • I want to know where y'all are getting this free milk! I'd much rather have free milk than a cow... or sausage for that matter! But if I had an unlimited supply of free milk I'd definitely invest in a cheese culture Lol! Seriously though, when has 'THAT MILK' ever been truly free?! It's like the song says if you marry for money you're going to earn every penny! So don't deceive yourself into believing you're not going to pay dearly for every drop of 'THAT MILK'!
  • Pretty much. Its an old fashioned saying and there is a more modern way to say it I'm sure. The basic belief though remains the same no matter how its phrased.
  • probably
  • Would you buy a cow if you got the milk for free? You first

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