• Most people join to help their country and some join to learn about their country and then help -- + up
  • To serve their country and protect it's people.
  • People join the military for many reasons. Some do it to serve their country, while others do it for the benefits they can reap later (money for school, looks good on a resume, etc). In some countries, military service is compulsory.
  • I question that myself.Why would anyone risk their lives for unjust wars and battles.One reason is possibly they promised things,like college educations,that never occurs.Very few people are equipped for such a profession.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      In the US, it's the politicians who start the wars, not the military. And the benefits that it promises are given, assuming you fulfill your obligation first.
  • For many lower class men and women it's a way out of poverty, and a way to finance an education the advanced their parents cannot afford to give them.
  • I did it for many reasons. First I did want to do grow up. I saw the value of a challenging environment. In the end, I felt I did get a lot out of the experience. I wanted leadership experience. That happened, too. At a very early age, I was leading people which helped me develop confidence in dealing with others. Also, I did want to serve my country. Both of my grandfathers served and many other members of my family's older generations served. It seemed like a good thing to do.
  • I joined for a large range of reasons and in no particular order: 1. To learn true courage, honor and loyalty 2. To learn a bond Brotherhood and Sisterhood of which the likes many will never understand 3. Education since I recieved a Masters Degree in Criminology 3. Self pride and pride of country 4. Self respect and respect for others 5. Full Time Employment with a steady yet humble pay 6. Serving my Country that gives me the rights and priviledges that many other countries do not have. These are my reasons not solely unique to me but my reasons none the less. Hate us if you want, but unless you are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder covering the backs of the men and women who at a moments notice would defend our country, I would say shut your pie hole! Of course thats just my opinion.....God Bless the USA and the ARMED FORCES!!!!!
  • To Defend our freedom and way of life.
  • For me it was a sense of duty. To give back to my country that provides me with the freedom that others have bled for. To fight for those who can't fight for themselves. Also, many of us wanted to be among the best this country has to offer. That's why I went where I did. "To observe a Marine is inspirational. To be a Marine is exceptional." That, and we're really good at killing people.

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