• I went to one, and I didn't mind. Makes it easier to get dressed in the morning!
  • I loved wearing a uniform. It was so easy to just jump into a uniform and go to school. All of the schools here have them and I like the idea of it for the cost and ease they afford.
  • I think they are good to distribute uniforms. Not only does it save time wondering what to wear in the morning, but the ladies usually get skirts as per their guise. :D
  • I think its a great idea
  • I think its a great idea. Keeps the girls from looking like they're going to the club and the boys from dressing 'gangsta'.
  • Great, theres no competition or pressure to wear the trendiest clothes or brands, so no-one gets picked on for not looking fashionable...
  • I like it. Though it's not THAT cost effective :( I was required to have dickeys brand back when it was expensive D: Not good ona tight budget.
  • Bad at school because it's mandatory in many countries. At work, you have to accept it or can leave searching for another work so it's up to the employer. Worst are for live-in domestic workers, they have to always be in uniform. I have talked to some people who worked as live-in maid/nanny girls when they were young girls in their late teens/early 20's and one of the things they disliked the most were the uniforms (like white blouses and black skirts, white aprons and black high-healed shoes) the employers required the girls to wear.
  • School uniforms are a unifier it allows the poorer and richer children to look the same and reduces peer pressure on wearing the latest 'must have'
  • Just looking at the dress with no other indicator? I would automatically assume that the school that wore uniforms was a better academy and produced better students. Fair or not, that's what I will probably always assume.
  • Its a great idea, I wouldnt send my child to a school with a non uniform policy, it makes them feel as though they belong to something, and there is none of the pressure to have the latest fashions to keep up with the other kids.
  • smart move
  • School uniforms are horrible. I went to public school in the 80s and 90s with no uniforms and nothing bad happened to me. I was teased for my clothes, but I survived. Forcing uniforms because some people get their feelings hurt is just coddling the weak.
  • i went to private school and i wore a uniform. i think it's brilliant (although i obviously didn't think so then!). it definitely helped save time in the morning! i would roll out of bed and choose my "outfit" (uniform). after school, i used to loveee getting creative with my "regular clothes" because it was special. the only way you could tell the difference between the wealthier students and those who were less so, was based on what shoes they had and which hair clips/glasses. other than that, we all looked to be on the same level, which was good.

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