• No I hate hat's :(
  • ..oh definitely...I have several, plus I stalk cowboys so I need the proper
  • No, never have. It's not remotely fashionable here, and I'm Scottish.
  • I don't wear hats and I rarely see anyone here wear cowboy hats.
  • I have one but don't remeber the last time I wore it. They are not uncommon in Washington state. As soon as you turn away from the coast and start heading east you see more and more of them. There are parts of Washington that seem to be nothing but pick up trucks and cowboy hats.
  • I have a couple cowboy hats, I wear them every once in a great while, I wouldnt say it is fashionable wear I live.
  • A cowboy hat would be awesome, but I think a trilby would be just that little bit better. If I had one, I'd wear it everywhere for the first couple of weeks, then it would hide in the back of my closet until I find it again about six months later, after which it would be worn for about a week, and then would live in the back of the closet for another 6 months.
  • Here (England), unless you are at Glastonbury or Global Gathering in wellies, a boho dress or shorts and surrounded by mud it would not be considered fashionable! I would wear one, I can't say I feel the burning desire to get one though!
  • I don't typically wear one, although I might if I had a Quarter Horse or an Appaloosa. I've always felt that the best horse trainer is one who can find the talent of the horse and learn to train it well, not a one-trick pony of a trainer who tries to force the horse to perform the only skill that the trainer knows. I've learned a lot over the years by following the gifts and talents my horse possesses. If I had a horse with the talent to do Western pursuits, I imagine I'd learn to ride Western and I'd buy a cowboy hat. You see cowboy hats around her occasionally, but I wouldn't say they are fashionable.
  • I used to all the time when I barrel raced. It has been about ten years since I have wore my cowgirl hat outdoors. I live in Northern AZ, yes it is very fashionable here as we come from the land of the Oldest Rodeo and cowboys are still plentiful here back west.
  • Hell yeah i wish i had one!! I've worn my friends one before, not exactly a fashion trend in Scotland but i like them :)
  • I've worn them but mostly when I was showing horses. My husband wore one to keep the sun off his head and ears and to show. It's never been fashion statement, it was more practical in the are we lived in.
  • Everyone where I live owns one, I think. I only wear it on certain occasions, though... oh, and cowboy boots too.
  • No way. I am a Navajo and I live in a reservation. We hate cowboys.
  • I don't wear a cowboy hat, but I would with the right outfit & along w/the boots & for the right occasion. It would be fasionable here in TX.

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