• They're in denial. It's a normal stage of grief.
  • I don't want anybody seeing me like that. I do it all in private and alone.
  • Maybe they are not feeling a lot of emotion or having a delayed reaction/ denial... or maybe because they like to keep their feelings private.
  • Thats a good question Im a Criminal Investigator student and I see and smell death all the time u get used to it
  • They do not know how to let their emotions out when they surrounded by distant relatives. They feel that they need to keep up an appearance of being in control. Denial definitely plays a big role in it.
  • They do but they do it in their own way..
  • For the same reasons that doctors and nurses distance themselves from death & dying. I one let every person affect them emotionally, they would soon be useless at their job. They would be carried away with emotions. My best friend is a nurse and I see it in her all the time. She's very professional with neighbors and strangers but with her daughters, grandsons, husband, sisters and me, she just a blob of tears and emotions.
  • On a Youtube video about a teenage girl committing suicide, there was a lot of users saying mean things about her death.
  • Callouses. After a lifetime of pain and hardship, it's hard to feel sorry for those who are free from it.
  • Those are usually the most tender hearted people. They know if they start crying, they won't be able to stop.
  • they might be confused on how to feel, or they have mastery over their emotions
  • It's hard to show emotion if you aren't exactly sure how... not sure, it's hard to explain. They do have their own way of showing it, though.
  • Sorrow doesn't hit me at once. I first do necessary stuff like a robot, and then, later, when everybody's tears are dry, it starts to hurt me and hurts more in years. I miss more and more and cry about it alone, so that nobody sees it and gets upset.
  • Many reasons. My mom shows little emotion because she is in denial. She is afraid of death, so she pretends it doesn't happen. My dad shows little emotion because he is a realist, he knows it happens and it happens to all of us.
  • Because I am a realist. I realize that yes it is sad to lose someone you love but at the same time it is a natural part of the life cycle and I dont want people greiving over my death but rather celebrating the life that I led.
  • I commend you and those that deal with the thin-red line! Yes, I am sure it is "OK" and healthy; otherwise, you would be too emotionally attached ~ you would not be able to perform your job!
  • I'm surprised no one else brought this up: Shock. When people are in shock their emotional system shuts down and they don't feel much of anything. I've had this happen to me a few times in my life. It takes time for the mind to recover and eventually let the emotions out. Sometimes the emotion just isn't there. I'm not the sort who displays phony emotions so if I don't feel it, I don't fake it. I have found it harder to take the death of one of my cats than any of my relatives.

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