• 1 judge on the US Supreme Court.
  • One thing is certain: The ELECTORATE had nothing to do with it!
  • Florida officials certified that Bush won the state of Florida which gave him the required number of electoral votes to win the presidency.
  • George W. Bush election was certified by five conservative justices of the Supreme Court, whose judicial activism, newfound disregard for states rights, and creative use of the equal protection clause of the Constitution to prevent "undervotes" disproportionately cast by minorities from being counted has left legal scholars of all philosophical stripes stunned.
  • The various Secretaries of State in the states. The U. S. Supreme Court only ruled on a lawsuit and found that the time for Florida to count its votes had expired and therefore, it must certify its count and send it to congress. The Florida Secretary of State then did so. Then Gore requested a recount, which was conducted, and while the margin shifted slightly, Bush was still the winner, and that was certified. Then the media did all sorts of unofficial recounts, attempting to prove that their candidate (Gore) had actually won. They fiddled with the standards and methods of counting. Bush still won every time. And remember that the contested counties were Democrat counties that had Democrats as elections officials and that it was Democrats who were attempting to keep military absentee ballots from being counted. then they kept bleating about "every vote must count" (except the ones they didn't like, apparently.)

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